Distance Healing Client Feedback

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Please leave feedback below if you have experienced with me. I greatly appreciate it! ♥
This helps others to know what they can expect from one of my distance healing sessions.

NO QUESTIONS HERE PLEASE! Send any questions to my email. Thank you!


"For those who havent had a distance healing I highly recommend you invest in one ! I loved the feedback I got back from Jen ! It was very clear, thorough and easy to follow. Your an amazing woman Jen and I thank you for sharing your gift too xxxxx" — Naomi

"I recently won one of Jen's mini healing sessions and was impressed with how accurate her reading/scan of my chakras was prior to the reiki healing energy that she sent. I also did find a noticeable difference post-session, especially in how much I am affected by the energy of the gemstones jewelry that I wear, which is awesome. ♥" — From Baubles & Blessings

"Hi all Crystal Friends! This some may see as me making advertising for a friend but just wanted to share my experience from Jen's distance healing I'd booked. Like some of you might have noticed I'm being sick with the flu. Before Jen started I had totally lost my voice and my eyes were burning caused by fever I told Jen that I would probably fall a sleep and just as I closed my eyes and were on my way to dreamland I felt the palms of her hands on the back of my head with her cool fingers touching my chin and cheeks. I also remembered a warm pulsating feeling on my solar plexus area. Then I slept thru the rest of the session and when I woke up my terrible headache was gone. My voice also came back and I'm now able to speak instead of whispering. THANK YOU SO MUCH JEN - your gift is AMAZING! Now it's time for me to go bed and get some sleep - just wanted to let you know that distance Isn't an obsitcle, I clearly felt Jen's presence before I fell asleep. My highest recommendations to Jen and her healing abilitys. Love and Light to ya all // Lena" — Lena's post on Crystal Guidance

Reading Testimonials

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The following are some of the responses I have received to my crystal readings.

♥ Wow. Thanks so much for that reading,it was spot on. What you said about the communication,the need to find another job to support the dancing and everything else was right. Its given me hope that good things will come soon. I also think its very good of you not to charge a high price for the readings as iv needed a reading but they were too exspensive,your price is very good.

♥ Wow jen at crystal reading does free mini readings you guys should check her out she is awesome!!

♥ Thank you so much.. I am truly amazed by what you do! This calmed me down and now I'm not do worried and will relax, and hopefully I'll get what I want...Thank you again! I will definitely get readings again in the future!!

♥ You my dear, are amazing and that reading is well, dead on.

♥ That makes perfect sense. Thank you for your help and healing.xxx

♥ Awww PERFECT! Thank you, now I can let that nagging doubt go.

♥ Thanks so much :) It's true that I tend to think a bit negatively regarding love ..Will change that and focus on the positive.

♥ oh my gosh...yes thats i what i meant just the near future. thankyou very much I will let you know :)

♥ Hi Jen do you remember doing a mini reading for me just over a week ago... well i found out today that its me thats pregnant LD thank you I wanted to tell you because i said i would let you know. I cant believe that what you said was right xx

♥ Aw thats great thanks and i am pregnant already so spot on

♥ Thanks. That actually makes a lot of sense to me.

♥ thank you so much! this is great advice, it's so hard to figure things out on my own sometimes. and i absolutely have been focusing on things that happened so long ago. absolutely amazing, thank you again!

♥ Wow, so exactly right! Thank you so very much! I needed that!

♥ Jen, all I can say is thank you! No one has ever gave me the extra time or help! A sincere thank you!

♥ thank you... wow u completly got how i feel always...


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