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Facebook Group: Crystal Guidance Updates
Facebook Group: Crystal Knowledge

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The Collective Crystal Club

The Collaborative Crystal, Mineral, and Rockhound Groups on Facebook. I am proud to be a part of this collaboration.

Crystal Knowledge group welcomes and encourages others to share crystal info, photos, experiences, ideas, etc. If you have a crystal related question, feel free to ask, politely. This Group’s purpose is to serve as a safe, loving and helpful environment where all crystal lovers from beginners to the well-versed can come together to share and discuss their stones. If you are a beginner and need some hand holding, this is the perfect place for you. However, we do expect our members to attempt to help themselves as well. We are an interactive group, not a service, and expect our members to contribute what they can and attempt to learn things through research and looking through historical posts. — I am an admin in this group and it is the one I primarily post and work in.

Let's Rock! group is a community of rockhounds, geologists, collectors and artists, all with a common passion: Gemstones! The goal of this Group is to provide interactive lessons and in-depth information on gems and minerals; from their geological properties to metaphysical and historical meanings. Whether you're just starting a small collection and want to educate yourself about crystals, or you're an artist trying to locate a 50 lb slab to carve into a unicorn, we hope to create a collaborative atmosphere. You may upload a photo of a specimen or creation relevant to a discussion or you may begin a new discussion, but you must provide detailed educational information about the specimen. If, for example, the Group is in the process of discussing Emeralds, a ring containing an Emerald or an Emerald specimen may be posted for admiring or sale. Please include info about the piece, and your creative technique. Please state if the item is for sale. If interest in a sale has been indicated, please move the discussion to PM. This is the only group that allows sales, and there are guidelines to do so. Please refer to the rules or ask an Admin.

Crystal Guidance page. This is my page. On this Facebook page you will find crystal tips and prescriptions, all kinds of crystal goodies and information, distance healing sessions, crystal readings and more. If you're looking for crystals for a specific ailment or goal then check out my website for crystal suggestions.

Crystal Guidance Updates group is a mirror of my Crystal Guidance page. So many people were not seeing the posts, so I created a group so you could easily find my crystal tips and stay up-to-date on new crystal articles, new shop items, sales, giveaways, and all of that good stuff. This group is set up so that only the admin can post new posts. This is simply so I do not become over run by questions or requests. If you're looking for a group to help answer questions or show off your crystals then please join my other group, Crystal Knowledge.

Friends of Crystal Guidance

Listed below are some people I am personal friends with and many are guest authors here on Crystal Guidance.

Jane's Crystal Garden (on Facebook) — Beautiful handmade crystal jewelry.

Little Turtle Jewelry (on Facebook) — Stunning, high quality wire wrapped crystal jewelry.

Online Crystal Shops

Online crystal shops that I have shopped with and recommend.

Appealing Environments — Your Destination for Crystals and Tumbled Stones - Retail and Wholesale Available. Crystal Healing Workshops. — I highly recommend this site. The owner is one of the best to do business with. Canada based but free shipping to CA and US for most items.

Cosmic Cuts — You’ll only find high-quality crystals here, and if you’re looking for an amethyst geode, this is the shop to browse. They offer a large variety of amethyst geodes as well as other one-of-a-kind specialty pieces. You’ll receive free shipping on all orders too!

Exquisite Crystals — Here you will find one of the largest inventories of healing crystals and minerals. Exquisite Crystals offers the highest quality quartz crystals and minerals. All of our healing crystals are hand chosen based on a combination of factors including the aesthetics and the crystal's energy. Exquisite Crystals is home to the highest quality and most reasonably priced healing crystals and minerals on the web. — I highly recommend this site. This site has some of the most beautiful crystals and some hard to find ones as well. If you don't see what you're looking for then just email the super helpful owner, John. They are based in the US.

Healing Crystals - This store sells a large variety of crystals, plus an excellent resource for find out anything you want to know about crystals. — From my experience, expect the crystals to be on the smaller side of their sizing scale. (IE: If they say the crystal will be 1/2" to 1" in size, expect that it will be 1/2".) The company is absolutely wonderful to work with with great customer service.

The Crystal Man — We specialize in raw crystals, tumbled stones, jewelry, fossils, minerals, polished and specialty stones, and crystal accessories, so we're sure to have just what you're looking for. — Canada based. This shop also offers crystals in bulk quantities. I have not bought from this seller. It was recommended to me by a good friend.


Find Local Crystal Shops

The following websites can help you to locate local crystal shops. There are likely more shops than the ones listed at these sites.
Also it is important that you call to see if the shop is still open before making a trip to the location. Happy shopping!

MapMuse: Find Local Rock Shops — Type in your address to find various shops. This did not pull up any of the shops near me, but it did pull up others around my state. You never know what might pop up. Again, call and make sure they are still open.

Mind, Body, Spirit Directory — This contains a wide variety of businesses. It's worth checking, although I have not had much luck finding crystal shops on site.

Rock & Gem — Gem and Mineral shows and events within the US. Although this is for shows, not shops, it still might let you know when a gem and mineral show will be showing up near you. It also has a convenient search by state button.

The-Vog — Gem and Mineral shows and events. Although this is for shows, not shops, it still might let you know when a gem and mineral show will be showing up near you. It is always updated each year.

Witches' Voice — On the left hand side there is a section of drop down menus under the heading "YOUR Town...". Select the one that applies to you. – Now on this new page, again on the left hand menu area click on "Shops".


Crystal Related Sites

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Love and Light School of Energy Medicine


Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy — Become a certified crystal healer. Learn the science and fun behind crystals. — This is a phenomenal website that is full of information and other crystal goodies. I am proud to be CCH certified with Hibiscus Moon!

Love and Light School of Energy — Explore the exciting world of energy healing (including crystal therapy, reiki, aromatherapy, dowsing, and many other energy healing modalities). — Another website bursting at the seams with crystal information. I highly recommend Ashley's classes. I absolutely love the classes I have taken with her so far and look forward to more of them.
      • Crystal Healing Certificate Program (Recorded) - 26 hours total spanning over 11 classes. See a listing of the classes in the "Preview Your Classes" section.

Alternative Healing Sites

ShoutCast Meditation Music — This is a free internet radio website that does not have commercials interpreting the music like Pandora. This channel is perfect for meditation or healing work music. I highly recommend it!

Meditation Oasis — Learn how to meditate with easy instructions, free guided meditation audios. Meditation Oasis features a popular podcast, blog, CDs and MP3 downloads.

Fragrant Heart — A large collection of free audio guided meditations for anyone wishing to learn how to meditate or enjoy the benefits of meditation.

Spiritual Holistic Energy Healing Sanctuary — New Age, Metaphysical, Holistic, Alternative Healing Emporium. Spiritual Healing Energies mission is to spread knowledge and healing to individuals worldwide, through our healing and energies. — Also visit S.H.E.H.S. on Facebook.

Tarot, Divination, and New Age Sites

Psychic Crystal Cave

SacredMoonGrove Many voices, one goal: Personal Spiritual Development. I had an idea for a co-op style blog where the women I admire and love could come together and share a piece of their soul with the intent of helping others on this long and winding road we’re all on. There will be stories, art, poetry, inspirational musings, how-to’s and who knows what else! My hope is to help make the world feel a little brighter; to make you feel less alone. There are others out there. ~ Druyan

I'm a proud supporter of...

Love & Light School of Energy Medicine

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

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