Wish List

I am always looking for new items to use in future crystal videos for my YouTube and TikTok channels. Below are some of the items that I am looking for that have been requested as a future video topic. I will update this list as new things arrive and as new items are needed.

As always, you can donate to help support my work and the purchase of crystals for teaching materials. This helps me to continue to create new videos to teach everyone about crystals and how to know which ones you have.

• Fake or dyed crystals… Any and all! — I will be showing them side-by-side with the real deal and will likely break at least one to show the inside.
• Seriously, any fake crystals! This helps me teach you how to spot them.
• Fake Malachite tumbled (At least 2 so I can break one open.) — I have a few on my Amazon Wishlist and my Etsy Wishlist.
• Raw Golden Healer’s Quartz
• Garnierite (Green Moonstone) — I have a few on my Etsy Wishlist.
Magnesite — (Got it.)

Mailing Address:

Jen Faeline
312 SW Palo Drive
Blue Springs, MO

Are there crystals that you are wanting me to test for you?

I’ve had requests to test certain crystals from places like Five Below to verify they are real. I do not buy crystals unless I personally need them.

If you would like for me to check the validity of a crystal (or crystals) then please donate the funds to pay for their purchase. At that point I would be happy to buy them to test them for you. (Tests that I would perform include – but are not limited to – scratch test and streak test.)

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I truly appreciate your support and helping Crystal Guidance to continue to grow!