Why Do I Get a Headache from My Crystal?

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Fan Submitted Question: Hi! I have a question about a crystal. It is Snowflake Obsidian and even if it is the SMALLEST piece, i get a headache from wearing it or holding it too long. I was talking to my boyfriend about it, and he thinks it could be helping with some kind of a blockage. Do you think this could be true? Does it matter which part of my head was hurting?

Answer: Generally when a crystal causes you physical discomfort it means that the energy of the crystal does not blend well with your own personal energy. This can vary from crystal to crystal or even a specific type of crystal. For example, you can be fine with most Amethyst but you pick up one that gives you a headache. The one that gives you a headache has an energy that does not resonate with your own. When it is just 1 crystal like this that is causing you problems, then try giving the crystal a good energetic cleansing. Then see how it feels for you.

In your case, it sounds like all Snowflake Obsidians have this effect on you. It is ok if they do not resonate with you. I suggest working with a different crystal for now. You can try the Snowflake Obsidians again in a few months. Our energy is always changing and evolving, so a crystal that you have problems working with now may be one that works well for you later down the road. Remember, if it is causing you any sort of discomfort then you do not want to work with it. It means that it is not right for you at this time.

Your boyfriend mentioned that the crystal could be helping you with some kind of blockage. I find this to be true for crystals that we do not like, not ones that cause headaches. Crystals that you do not like for one reason or another typically have something that they can help you with that you are not ready to face just yet. A personal example is for quite a while I simply did not like Amazonite. I have no idea why, I just didn’t care for it. Amazonite helps to connect the Heart and Throat chakras, which aid in expressing and communicating what is in our heart and our emotions. I had a problem with this for quite a while. As I have been consciously working on changing this, my views of Amazonite have changed. I have several pieces of it now and absolutely love the crystal. It was just at the time I was not ready for the help it had to offer me, so I was turned off by it.

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Put the Snowflake Obsidian to the side for now. There is no need to work with them when they are not meshing well with your own personal vibrational frequency. Try them again later down the road and see if things change. If not, put them aside again and try again later. Follow your intuition and work with the ones that want to work with you.

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