What to Do with a Broken Crystal

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Fan Submitted Question: Greetings~ Question if you please~ I accidentally broke someone’s tourmaline…just a piece broke off but not a small piece…he joked and said “now he can make a necklace for his daughter”, but I could tell he was upset…I apologized…a lot. What can be done? I read somewhere they should be buried if broke, but he would never…help! Also, being as it isn’t mine…do I just pass along the info? Or, is there something I can personally do? Not to mend it of course but to cleanse it…or fix the energy I broke…also, sorry for my ignorance in this matter~ Thank You so much in advance. I’m a huge fan!

Answer: Some people feel that if a crystal breaks you could/should bury it. I personally am not a fan of that. Sadly crystals break and it can happen for a few reasons. Sometimes they can break without us even doing anything to them. Since it was Black Tourmaline, if it is one of them with the striations then pieces of it can break off VERY easily. I know I handle my crystals carefully and have still had pieces break off from my Black Tourmaline.

Your friend is absolutely right, he can make a pendant for his daughter with the piece that broke off. If the energy of the crystal feels off, as if it feels damaged, then you can give it a stone vacation. This is where the burying can come into play. It can be buried for a month to get back to Mother Earth and her healing energies. I’d leave this as a last resort personally. There are several other energetic cleansing methods available. You can see a list of them in my Crystal Cleansing Tips article.

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