Tribe Questionnaire

The following form will help me to ensure you receive all of the Tribe benefits in the method that works best for you.

Any questions that you leave blank I will assume it means “no” and that you do not want an email about that particular subject. I only want to send you the emails you would like to receive.

Filling out this questionnaire is not required, but it will help me know for sure which emails you would like to receive and how you would prefer to access the Crystal Guidance Tribe members content.

If you would prefer your reading by email then you will be sent a reminder email each Sunday. Simply reply back to that email with your reading request.
If you would prefer your single chakra check by email then you will be sent 1 reminder email near the beginning of the month. You can reply to that email or send your own any time during the month to request your single chakra check.
I'll just send 1 email, typically the day before, to remind you of an upcoming sales event in case you'd like to check it out.
[OPTIONAL] You're welcome to leave any questions or comments here and I'll reply back to you as quickly as I can.