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Welcome to the Tribe Members area! This page is available for everyone to see, but only my exclusive Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe members will be able to access the links listed below. This page and this section is brand new, so bear with me as I get it filled for you. I will be uploading all of the past full chakra healing sessions and teaching videos. The links will be here on this page so that you can easily access them any time either here on the site or on Facebook.

If you are not already logged in through Patreon or signed up as a Tribe member yet, then please do so now. I truly appreciate your support of my work, teachings, and our shared energy. ♥


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All of these links are located on the Crystal Guidance website. (Facebook is not needed for these.)

You can view all of the videos and posts in the Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe group on Facebook using the links listed below. Videos that are available here on Crystal Guidance will be listed as such.

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