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    How to Work with Crystals for Healing

    There are many ways to work with crystals. The important thing is to have them within your energy field (aura) when working with them. You can carry them in your pocket or even your bra. They can be worn as jewelry. If you are working on a specific chakra, try to have the crystal as close as possible to that area. For example wear a pendant for the Throat or Heart chakras. Carry a crystal in your pocket for the Sacral or Root chakras. Hold the crystal to the site of pain as needed. Sleep with them under your pillow. (Caution: Some crystals can make it hard for you to…

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    Crystal Grids

    This page is sponsored by Jane’s Crystal Garden.   The following article was written by Jane Kathryn from Jane’s Crystal Garden on Facebook. She goes into how crystal grids work and an in depth explanation of why these specific crystals were used in her example grid. Crystals for gridding can be bought from Jen at Stitches and Stones KC. The grid cloth shown in the photo below was purchased from the Etsy shop: Stitches and Stones KC Jane’s grid for blessings for the New Year.   Grids consist of crystals placed in concise, geometric shapes in order to affect the flow of energy for a specific purpose. Basically, a crystal…

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    Picking and Carrying Crystals from Crystal Tips Plus Book Recommendations

    Fan Submitted Question: First off, I want to say that I ADORE your website! I’ve just started reading about using crystals for healing and your website is my favorite :). I’m not completely confident about programming my new crystals, which I first need to cleanse (I plan to use sage smoke). I want to make crystal prescriptions for fibromyalgia, depression and positive thinking. Do I need to use every crystal that’s recommended (on your website) for each prescription? When using more than one for one prescription, do I program each individually or hold them all in my hands at once? Should I keep the individual prescriptions in individual bags? Or…

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    New to Crystals and Not Sure Where to Start?

    Sponsor this page.   When you are new to crystal healing and the world of crystals it can be overwhelming. One of the biggest things I notice is people are wanting to make sure they are doing things the “right” way. I’ll admit, I can be one of those people too. Here is the first rule for crystals and crystal healing… The way that works best for you is the right way! If something feels right to you and it is working for you, don’t change it just because someone comes along and says that you’re doing it wrong or they have a better way. This includes authors too. Always…

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    Crystal Cleansing Methods

    Sponsor this page.   Crystals do so much for us that is is important to take special care of our crystalline friends. If you have a crystal that you have just acquired or one that you have been working with, it is a good idea to give it a little energy cleanse. Why should you cleanse your crystals? It gets them back to their original, sparkly vibration level to where they can do their best work on helping you. Simply put, absolutely everything has a vibration, which even includes emotions and physical objects. Negative energy, including negative emotions and physical pain, have low vibrations. Crystals, when they are at their…

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    Crystals for House Protection

    Sponsor this page.   Naturally, we want our home to feel the best that it can. That means protecting it, and you, from outside negative influences and energies. SAGE: For starters, sage the house. Follow your intuition on when to do this, however, I highly recommend it when you are moving into a new place, after any negative interactions (like a fight), or if someone has come around that has left that “yuck” vibe behind. You will know when your house needs it. Open the windows and sage around each room so that any negative energies can leave through the window. I personally start at the door of the room…

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    Prosperity Check

    One of the most common things that I see asked about in readings and also crystal requests is money. In this economy, so many of us are hurting. The following article will offer some law of attraction and crystal tips to help you bring more prosperity into your life. I have also included a Reiki healing video at the end of the article to help enhance your prosperous intentions. Prosperity and Abundance Crystals: You can keep these crystals with you in your purse/wallet, cash drawer of your business, or in the Wealth corner of your house, which is the farthest left corner from your front door. My top favorite crystal…

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    Gem Elixirs

    Sponsor this page. Gem Elixirs are a great way to work with your crystals in a convenient way that does not require you to carry the crystal with you. This can come in handy for crystals that are small or expensive stones. You can mix and match your gem elixirs to create your perfect blend. This article will be a basic “how to” for creating your elixirs. • How It Works: Water is highly programmable. (Think Dr. Emoto.) It takes on the vibrational frequency of the crystals. The crystal essence is then taken like a homeopathic remedy. You can put drops under your tongue, add drops to your water or…

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    Crystal Cautions and Toxic Stones

    Always check to be sure that the stones used in your essence or elixir are non-toxic. If you are unsure, essences and elixirs can be prepared in an alternative manner. In this method, stones are placed inside of a small glass container (containing no water). This way, the stones do not make direct contact with the water, but their energetic vibration is allowed to be transmitted through the conductive glass container into the water. Since the stones do not directly contact the water, it is safe to be used for an essence or elixir (with the exception of radioactive stones!) Please note that radioactive stones should not EVER be used…

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    Chakras are spinning energy centers of the body. The primary 7 chakras are aligned with your spine. Although there are more than 7 chakras, these are the ones that I will be focusing on for this page along with brief information on 3 of the transpersonal chakras. Each chakra governs a different aspect of your body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When they are in balance is when you are in optimal health. This is the goal, but most people will have at least 1 chakra that is imbalanced. It is rare to have them all totally balanced, so don’t worry if you’re not perfect. That just means you have…

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