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    Pirated Tarot and Oracle Decks: How to Spot the Fakes

    Pirated decks are ones that have literally been copied from their original form and made into a cheap knock-off. They do not contain the guidebook. Instead they “offer” you a QR code to download a digital copy of the guidebook. Pirated decks are fakes. The people who create this do not have permission from the publisher, author, or artist to reproduce these decks. Most often they are made in China and getting the pirates shut down is very difficult. Not a single cent of your money goes towards the creator of the deck. In fact, that is money that is taken away from the author. I recall seeing one tarot…

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    How to Check Chakras Using a Pendulum

    In this 17-minute long video I go over my method of how to check the energy of chakras using a pendulum. I explain how I interpret the swing of the pendulum to tell if a chakra is balanced, closed, imbalanced emotionally/mentally, imbalanced physically, or blocked. This will include clockwise, counter-clockwise,... [End of sneak peek for non-members.] To view this content, you must be a member of Jen's Crystal Guidance Patreon at $11 or more

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    Selenite VS Satin Spar

    There has been some debate in regards to Satin Spar and Selenite. Are they they same? How do they differ? What do you need to look for to know which one you have? In this article and video I am going to teach you more about the differences and visually show you side by side these crystals so that you can easily tell which on you have in your collection. MOH’s Hardness Selenite: 2 Satin Spar: 2 Streak: Selenite: White. Satin Spar: White. Color and Mineral Content: Selenite: Selenite is a transparent and colorless (or very lightly colored) variety of Gypsum that forms in distinct crystals. (source: minerals.net) The name…

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    Apophyllite VS Clear Quartz

    In its cluster form Apophyllite can look quite a bit like a Clear Quartz cluster. In this article and video I am going to teach you what to look for so that you know for sure which beautiful clear crystal you have in your collection. MOH’s Hardness Apophyllite: 4.5-5 Quartz: 7 Streak: Apophyllite: White. Quartz: White. Color and Mineral Content: Apophyllite: Apophyllite can be found in the following colors: Colorless, white, gray, green, brown. Rarely pink, purple, red, or orange. The most common ones that you will see include colorless/white and green. This article focuses more on the colorless (clear) to white Apophyllite. Apophyllite is a member of the Zeolite…

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    Astrophyllite VS Arfvedsonite

    Probably one of the most common incorrectly labeled crystals is Arfvedsonite. More times than not, when you look to purchase Astrophyllite you are most likely buying Arfvedsonite. I too have fallen victim to this, so believe me when I say that you are not alone! Seeing these crystals side by side and knowing what coloring to look for will make a huge difference in knowing if you’re looking at Arfvedsonite or Astrophyllite. MOH’s Hardness Astrophyllite: 3-3.5 Arfvedsonite: 5.5-6 Streak: Astrophyllite: Golden yellowish-brown. Arfvedsonite: Dark bluish-gray. Color and Mineral Content: Astrophyllite: Astrophyllite is always a bronze, reddish brown color. You will never find it as blue, silver, or yellow like you…

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    Review: Witches’ Wisdom Oracle

    The following is a review of the “Witches’ Wisdom Oracle Deck” by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters. I usually offer reviews on crystal decks, but I am making an exception with the Witches’ Oracle series. They are, hands down, my favorite decks. In fact, I have 2 copies of the Witches’ Wisdom deck so that I have one in my office and one on my altar upstairs by my bed. This review contains details about the oracle deck, a list of the cards that are featured in this deck, photos, a video review, and where the deck was purchased if you’d like to get your own copy. Go back…

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    Larvikite VS Labradorite VS Black Moonstone

    Larvikite has so many misleading names that it makes perfect sense that many people confuse it with Labradorite and Black Moonstone. These names include Black Labradorite, Black Moonstone, Norwegian Moonstone, and Blue Pearl Granite, just to name the most common. This video will show you a side by side comparison so that you can identify which you have, even if it was labeled as one of those “other” names. MOH’s Hardness Larvikite: 6-6.5 Labradorite: 6-6.5 Black Moonstone: 6-6.5 Streak: Larvikite: White Labradorite: White Black Moonstone: White Mineral Content: Larvikite: Larvikite is a Augite Syenite or Monzonite with relatively high Al2O3, Na2O and K2O contents. It is a relatively coarse-grained Anorthoclase-rich…

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    Angelite VS Celestite

    There is a common misinformation that Angelite and Celestite are the same crystal since it is stated as such in one of the most popular crystal books. However, this information is inaccurate. This video will correct that information and tell you more about the differences with a side by side comparison of Angelite and Celestite. MOH’s Hardness Angelite: 3.5 Celestite: 3-3.5 Streak: Angelite: White to light gray Celestite: White Mineral Content: Angelite: Angelite is the trade name for the blue-gray fine grained variety of Anhydrite that comes from Peru. Angelite has the chemical composition of CaSO4 (Calcium Sulfate). It’s chemical structure is almost identical to Gypsum except that Gypsum contains…

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    Review: Crystal Angels Oracle

    The following is a review of the “Crystal Angels Oracle” by Doreen Virtue. This review contains details about the oracle deck, a list of the crystals featured in this deck, photos, a video review, and where the deck was purchased if you’d like to get your own copy. Go back to the Oracle Deck Review page to check out even more reviews. Author/Creator/Photographer: Doreen Virtue Publication Date: November 21, 2017 (Out of Print) Where to Buy: Amazon* Book or Info Cards: 107 page booklet. Number of Oracle Cards: 44 Card Size: 3.5″ by 5″ The following is a list of the crystal cards included in this deck. Amber Amethyst Ametrine…

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    Sodalite VS Lapis Lazuli

    Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli can look quite similar and it is one that I see a lot of confusion over. The following are a few tips on how to identify which you have. The video offers information as well as shows you a side by side comparison. MOH’s Hardness Sodalite: 5.5-6 Lapis Lazuli: 5-5.5 Streak: Sodalite: White Lapis Lazuli: Blue Colors and Mineral Content: Sodalite: Sodalite has the chemical composition of Na8Al6Si6O24(Cl2,S) (Sodium aluminum silicate with chlorine, and occasionally sulfur). It is a Feldspathoid, which is a aluminosilicate mineral that contains abundant calcium, potassium, or sodium and too little silica to form feldspar. However, feldspathoids do commonly occur with feldspars.…