Astrophyllite VS Arfvedsonite

Probably one of the most common incorrectly labeled crystals is Arfvedsonite. More times than not, when you look to purchase Astrophyllite you are most likely buying Arfvedsonite. I too have fallen victim to this, so believe me when I say that you are not alone! Seeing these crystals side by side and knowing what coloring Continue reading

Larvikite VS Labradorite VS Black Moonstone

Larvikite has so many misleading names that it makes perfect sense that many people confuse it with Labradorite and Black Moonstone. These names include Black Labradorite, Black Moonstone, Norwegian Moonstone, and Blue Pearl Granite, just to name the most common. This video will show you a side by side comparison so that you can identify Continue reading

Angelite VS Celestite

There is a common misinformation that Angelite and Celestite are the same crystal since it is stated as such in one of the most popular crystal books. However, this information is inaccurate. This video will correct that information and tell you more about the differences with a side by side comparison of Angelite and Celestite. Continue reading