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    Crystals for Protection from Energy Vampires

    Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Protection from Psychic or Energy Vampires: Protect yourself from energy and psychic vampires with Aventurine, Ruby, Labradorite, or Black Tourmaline. Work with the Solar Plexus, Heart and Higher Heart chakras to protect yourself from energy vampires. If you feel drained of energy, including emotionally drained, after dealing with a person this is a form of vampirism. Most people are not even aware that they are doing it. Green Aventurine or Ruby work well to protect you from being emotionally drained. Labradorite protects your aura and prevents energy leakages. Black Tourmaline blocks negative energies.   Top Recommended Crystals: Aventurine, Ruby, Black Tourmaline, or Labradorite. Additional…

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