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    How to Check Chakras Using a Pendulum

    In this 17-minute long video I go over my method of how to check the energy of chakras using a pendulum. I explain how I interpret the swing of the pendulum to tell if a chakra is balanced, closed, imbalanced emotionally/mentally, imbalanced physically, or blocked. This will include clockwise, counter-clockwise,... Continue reading this article by logging into the Crystal Guidance Tribe members area. To view this content, you must be a member of Jen's Crystal Guidance Patreon at $11 or more

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    Crystals for Sore Throat

    Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Sore Throat: Soothe a sore throat with Amber, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, or Blue Lace Agate. Hold or wear near the throat as needed. You can also make a gem elixir with Amber or Blue Lace Agate. Use the alternative indirect method for Aquamarine and Topaz.   Top Recommended Crystals: Amber, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, or Blue Lace Agate. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Beryl, Larimar, Chrysocolla, or Turquoise. Sore throats are associated with the Throat chakra. Crystal Suggestions: I offer multiple crystal recommendations so that you can intuitively choose the crystal or crystals that will work best for you. Pick your favorite crystal or try a combination…

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    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Turquoise symbolized the union and balance of Earth and Sky to the ancient peoples of the Southern USA. It is perfect to use when you are feeling out of balance as it realigns and revitalizes your cellular structure. It facilitates meditation, bringing you peace of mind and allows you to perceive information psychically. Use it to increase your creativity and speak your truth without fear! Turquoise centers and harmonizes while it aligns your Chakras. In meditation it assists you in opening up to loving communication and telepathy. It can help you get more in tune…

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    Blue Topaz

    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: opaz is joy, giving and serene. It is known as a “stone of true love and success in all endeavors”. It can promote individuality and creativity, while providing for confidence in trusting our decisions. It acts to replace negativity with joy and joyfulness. Blue Topaz opens us to cosmic understanding, helping to transcend limitations. It is an emotional balancer, soothing and peaceful. Brings tranquility, creativity, self-expression and enhance psychic perception. Crystal Tips: Throat Sore — Concentration Chakras: Throat, Third Eye Hardness: 8 Pronunciation: BLOO TOH-paz The photos below are examples. These exact crystals may no…

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    Blue Tiger’s Eye

    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: The properties of Tiger Eye, plus: Hawk’s Eye is the blue form of Tiger Eye. It can appear as all blue, or blue with greenish highlights in golden Tiger Eye. Tiger Eye is great stone for perspective and focus, being open to new possibilities. Hawk’s Eye adds to this by increasing perceptiveness to unparalleled highs, by allowing a birds eye view to get a wider view over all things. It allows for greater precision and skill in decision making, for once you can see the whole picture it is easy to choose! Hawk’s Eye goes…

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    Tanzine Aura Quartz

    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Tanzine Aura (also known as Indigo Aura, Tanzan Aura, or Celestial Aura) is bonded with Gold, Indium, and Niobium. It has similar energies to Tanzanite. In fact, it is named after Tanzanite due to their similar color. This crystal is wonderful for Indigo children or adults. This includes ADD and ADHD children that are very often Indigos. Tanzine Aura connects with the higher chakras and aids in communicating psychic visions or dreams. It is the perfect crystal for intuitives, light workers, mediums, channelers, readers, and shamans as stimulates psychic abilities and links together the Third…

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    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Tanzanite powerfully opens us for clairaudience, visions, spiritual connection and all aspects of communication and psychic power. It provides protection and allows for manifestation. It is also said to relieve depression. Tanzanite is known to both dispel and transmute negativity. Aids in seeing visions of the higher spiritual realms. Provides safety and protection during all activities. Provides perfect balance between personal power and actualization It brings the ‘will’ to the aid of manifestation and enhances both the beginning and the end. Facilitates communication with ancient tribal communities and other worldly beings. It also elucidates the…

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    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: It has been said that the longest distance you will ever travel is the journey from your head to your heart. This is the gift of Sodalite! It clears up mental confusion and re-establishes your inner peace. Sodalite strengthens the power of mind over body and bridges the gap between your thoughts and your feelings. It eliminates fear and guilt better than any other stone! It also fosters knowledge, logic, rationality, efficiency, learning proficiency, consciousness, communication and wisdom. Sodalite is an excellent stone for use in groups, providing fellowship and solidarity, stimulating thought, healing breaches…

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    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Smithsonite assists you in creating favorable outcomes and taking joy in new beginnings. Use it to balance and align your Chakras and as a replacement stone in layouts if you are missing a stone. It strengthens your psychic abilities, soothes your emotions and helps to nurture your inner child. It relieves stress and instills a sense of self-worth. It can help you to accept love, to give love and to love yourself. It helps you to achieve a sense of comfort and joy, eases fear of commitment in relationships, and balances your perspective. Blue or…

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    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Sapphire opens you up to the Higher octaves and brings you spiritual light. It produces the desire for prayer, has great healing energy, aids your power of concentration and assists greatly in meditation. Sapphire stimulates your psychic abilities, expands cosmic awareness and your connection to your Higher Self. The stone releases unwanted thoughts and brings joy and peace of mind by opening your mind to beauty and intuition. It’s an amazing stone of prosperity, sustaining the gifts of life and alleviating frustration. The various colors of Sapphire have additional properties as well: Blue Sapphire assists…

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