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    Crystals for Loneliness

    Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Loneliness: Allow Snowflake Obsidian, Cobaltoan Calcite, Mookaite Jasper, Rose Quartz, or Rhodochrosite to help ease your loneliness. Carry or wear as needed. Also you can hold your preferred crystal to your Heart chakra.   Top Recommended Crystals: Snowflake Obsidian, Cobalto (Cobaltoan) Calcite, Mookaite Jasper, Rose Quartz, or Rhodochrosite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Amethyst, Andalusite (Chiastolite), Aquamarine, Garnet, Malachite, or Onyx. Loneliness is associated with the Heart chakra. Crystal Suggestions: I offer multiple crystal recommendations so that you can intuitively choose the crystal or crystals that will work best for you. Pick your favorite crystal or try a combination of them to find your perfect crystal…

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    Snowflake Obsidian

    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Snowflake Obsidian can balance opposing forces in your life. It sharpens your external and internal vision and is a catalyst in bringing about change. Snowflake Obsidian has the property of bringing things to the surface, positive or negative, love, anger, secrets; But these things are brought to the surface more gently than they might be otherwise. Snowflake Obsidian can provide balance during times of change and it aids you in seeing patterns in your life and recreating them in a more beneficial way. It is a stone of serenity and purity, and can shield you…

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    Crystals to Help Adapt to Change

    Fan Submitted Question: I have a question. I have a 13 year old special needs daughter I just got her back I was in a 6 year custody battle. She is having a hard time adapting to change. What can I do to help her? I feel so lost and hurt. I am getting her counseling. That only goes so far. I also love your page and have become very interested in Crystal healing. Thank you love and light have a blessed day. Answer: The first crystal that comes to mind for your daughter is a Rose Quartz. It has such a calming, loving energy to it that can help…

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