Crystals for Will Power

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Will Power: Boost your will power and personal strength with Tiger’s Eye, Garnet, Tiger Iron, or Onyx. Wear or carry with you as needed.   Top Recommended Crystals: Tiger’s Eye, Garnet, Tiger Iron (Mugglestone), or Onyx. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Hematite, Rose Quartz, or Sapphire. Will power is associated with Continue reading

Crystals for Vertigo

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Vertigo and Motion Sickness: Carry or wear Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, or Malachite to ease the symptoms of vertigo or motion sickness. I have found that mentally saying an affirmation like, “I am safe. I am loved.” can also help. Wear or carry as needed. I have personally found Continue reading

Crystals for Sciatica

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Sciatica: Lepidolite, Green Tourmaline, or Hematite can assist with sciatic nerve damage. Hold to the site of pain as needed.   Top Recommended Crystals: Lepidolite, Green Tourmaline, or Hematite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Zircon, Rose Quartz, or Sapphire. Crystal Suggestions: I offer multiple crystal recommendations so that you can intuitively Continue reading

Crystals for Nervousness

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Nervousness: When you are nervous, hold Watermelon Tourmaline, Sapphire, or Amethyst to calm your nerves. Wear continuously or hold for 15-20 minutes until you feel relaxed. Remember to take a few deep breaths to help calm and center yourself.   Top Recommended Crystals: Watermelon Tourmaline, Sapphire, or Amethyst. Additional Continue reading

Crystals for Nausea

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Nausea: Carry or hold Yellow Jasper, Sapphire, Emerald, or Dioptase to help reduce or eliminate feelings of nausea. From personal experience, Emeralds work very well with nausea and upset stomachs when held in your hand or to your stomach. Use your intuition to pick the right crystal for you. Continue reading

Crystals for Faith

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Faith: Increase your faith with Emerald, Labradorite, or Imperial Golden Topaz. Hold or carry as needed. You can also meditate with this crystal by either holding it in your hand or using at the Crown chakra.   Top Recommended Crystals: Emerald, Labradorite, or Imperial Golden Topaz. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Continue reading

Crystals for Eczema

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Eczema and Dry Skin: Work with Aventurine, Amethyst, or Sapphire to assist with eczema and dry skin. You can add these crystals to your bath, hold them to the skin as needed, or even add them to your lotion bottle. If using a gem elixir, use only alcohol free. Continue reading

Crystals for Dyslexia

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Dyslexia: Work with Sugilite or Black Tourmaline to assist with dyslexia. Hold or carry with you as needed. You can also work with this crystal by meditating with it or holding it to your Third Eye.   Top Recommended Crystals: Sugilite or Black Tourmaline. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Scapolite or Continue reading

Crystals to Stop Bleeding

Sponsor this page.   Crystals to Stop Bleeding and Nose Bleeds: To stop and help prevent nose bleeds or any other bleeding, hold Bloodstone, Carnelian, Lodestone (Magnetite), or Sapphire on or near the wound or to the bridge of the nose as needed. For frequent nose bleeds, try a saline spray to keep the nasal Continue reading

Crystals for Astral Travel

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Astral Travel: Ametrine, Angelite, Apophyllite, and Sapphire can assist you with astral travel (also known as astral projection or out of body experiences). Work with while meditating or sleeping (if desired).   Top Recommended Crystals: Ametrine, Angelite, Apophyllite, or Sapphire. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Astrophyllite, Honey Calcite, Clear Quartz, or Continue reading