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    Crystals for Weight Loss

    Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Weight Loss: Apatite is an appetite suppressant that curbs your hunger and cravings. Green Tourmaline and Seraphinite can also assist you with your weight loss goals. Weight imbalances are associated with the Root chakra. Wear your preferred crystals as jewelry or carry them in your pocket.   Top Recommended Crystals: Green Tourmaline, Seraphinite, or Blue Apatite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Angelite, Kyanite, Picasso Stone, or Citrine. Weight imbalances are associated with the Root chakra. You can choose the crystal you are most drawn to from the suggested crystals or you can pick multiple crystals. It is also beneficial to combine your preferred weight loss crystal…

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    Crystals for Carpal Tunnel

    Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Carpal Tunnel: Ease carpal tunnel pain with Fuchsite or Blue Lace Agate. Hold your preferred crystal to your wrist for at least 30 minutes or as needed. You can also massage the wrist with your preferred crystal. Wearing a wrist brace at night so that you do not curl your wrist inward while you sleep can help. Also an exercise to stretch your wrist that can greatly benefit you is to put your palm flat on a wall and push forward to bend your hand back. Stop when it hurts since you do not want to over extend anything. This will help stretch the…

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    Picasso Stone

    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Picasso Stone often resembles a beautiful painting. It is a stone that reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life. Picasso Stone assists in the transformation of relationships. It attracts like minded people who become loyal and trusted friends, as well as helping to renew old friendships that had been lost. It has strong grounding and calming qualities and helps to engender strength and self-discipline. Picasso Stone is useful for eye problems and can promote weight-loss. Crystal Tips: Carpal Tunnel, Weight Loss Chakras: Root, Sacral Hardness: 4-5 Pronunciation: PI-KAH-soh Synonyms and Misspellings: Picasso Jasper, Picasso Marble…

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