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    Using 1 Crystal for Multiple Purposes

    Fan Submitted Question: Hi, I keep having the same few stones show up when looking for help with whatever different issues I need to fix/heal. I was wondering if I can multitask a stone or should I, for example, get 3 rose quartz for the 3 things I need help with (1 for each issue) or would it be the same to have just one to cover all 3 problems? If I just needed the one, should it be larger since it has triple work to do? Sorry if I sound ignorant, just figured it’s better to be safe than sorry. Answer: Yes, you can have a crystal multitask. I…

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    Combine Crystals to Help Quit Smoking

    Fan Submitted Question: I have been following your page for a while. I’ve been looking at your “Tips“. I would like to quit smoking. I see that you only need to carry one stone from each “card tips. ” So my thoughts are..Smoking, Motivation, Will Power and Stress Tips..so I can carry one stone from each…Such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye and Citrine. Am I correct? I’m new at this and I’m trying to learn. Thank you in advance for your guidance. Answer: Yes, you sure can do that. You can actually combine crystals that can work together for the same basic purpose, like you mentioned. That combination works…

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