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    Becoming a Certified Crystal Healer

    Fan Submitted Question: Hey how do you become a certified crystal healer? Is there a course you take for that? Answer: Yes there is a course for becoming a certified crystal healer. In fact, it can be done online. There are several different certification courses. Below I have listed the 2 that I have personal experience with. I loved both courses, so it is up to you to find which one would better serve your needs and desires. Click on either link below and they will give you an overview of the classes that are available in each course. If I had to pick one over the other I would…

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    Where to Start Learning About Crystal Healing

    Fan Submitted Question: Where is the best place to start learning about crystal healing? I feel so much energy from my stones and crystals as well as people,I use them to help block the negative energy I feel. Now I like tho be able to help others. Answer: Right here on Crystal Guidance, of course! I have over 400 pages and growing ranging from crystal tips and prescriptions to crystal properties and information plus many other crystal articles. I also regularly post on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In addition to Crystal Guidance, if you are looking to dive more into becoming a crystal healer the following are two of my…

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