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    November 20th Free Chakra Healing

    I am proud to announce that on November 20, 2020, I will be doing a live distance chakra healing that can be viewed via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Zoom. It is my gift to you as we dive into the holiday season and work our way closer to the new year. This full chakra healing will last approximately 45-60 minutes. It will be very similar to the healings that I offer each and every month in my Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe group. However, in the group they hear all of my affirmations as well as my opening and closing blessings. Those are for my Tribe members only. WHEN:…

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    Gifting Crystals

    Fan Submitted Question: Hi – Hope you are having a great weekend thus far. I have a quick question. I’ve Googled it but can’t seem to find the answer. I have some special crystals that I gifted to a dear friend as a loving gesture. Is it bad, or negative, to pass on special crystals to special people? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Answer: Your gesture is a great, loving one. In fact, this is the way of crystals! Crystals have this way of letting us know when it is time to move on or we will get this feeling that a person needs a particular…

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