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    Gem Elixirs

    Sponsor this page. Gem Elixirs are a great way to work with your crystals in a convenient way that does not require you to carry the crystal with you. This can come in handy for crystals that are small or expensive stones. You can mix and match your gem elixirs to create your perfect blend. This article will be a basic “how to” for creating your elixirs. • How It Works: Water is highly programmable. (Think Dr. Emoto.) It takes on the vibrational frequency of the crystals. The crystal essence is then taken like a homeopathic remedy. You can put drops under your tongue, add drops to your water or…

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    Crystal Cautions and Toxic Stones

    Always check to be sure that the stones used in your essence or elixir are non-toxic. If you are unsure, essences and elixirs can be prepared in an alternative manner. In this method, stones are placed inside of a small glass container (containing no water). This way, the stones do not make direct contact with the water, but their energetic vibration is allowed to be transmitted through the conductive glass container into the water. Since the stones do not directly contact the water, it is safe to be used for an essence or elixir (with the exception of radioactive stones!) Please note that radioactive stones should not EVER be used…

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