Crystals for Nightmares

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Nightmares: Chase away nightmares with Amethyst, Pink Mangano Calcite, Smoky Quartz, or Prehnite. Put your favorite crystal(s) under your pillow or in a safe place next to your bed. Great for kids too! In fact, both of my sons plus all of my nieces and nephews sleep with both Continue reading

Crystals for Insomnia

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Insomnia: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, or Sodalite can treat insomnia and help you get a good night’s sleep. Place your preferred crystal(s) under your pillow, next to your bed, or as a crystal grid in your room or under your bed.   Top Recommended Crystals: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, or Sodalite. Continue reading

Crystals for Dreams

Sponsor this page.   Crystals for Enhancing Dreams and Dream Recall: Enhance your dreamwork by placing Jade, Kyanite, or Herkimer Diamond under your pillow or on your nightstand to enhance your dreams and dream recall through the night. Starting a dream journal and writing in it as soon as you wake up in the morning Continue reading

Crystals for Protection, Night Terrors, and a Mermaid Stuck on Land

Fan Submitted Question: There is so much… there’s a whole lot of spiritual chaos around my situation… a girl who claims she’s channeled me. If this is true I have to make sure its not happening ever again… my fiancee has horrid night terrors, sometimes has to battle demons.. I feel there’s a presence in Continue reading