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    Picking and Carrying Crystals from Crystal Tips Plus Book Recommendations

    Fan Submitted Question: First off, I want to say that I ADORE your website! I’ve just started reading about using crystals for healing and your website is my favorite :). I’m not completely confident about programming my new crystals, which I first need to cleanse (I plan to use sage smoke). I want to make crystal prescriptions for fibromyalgia, depression and positive thinking. Do I need to use every crystal that’s recommended (on your website) for each prescription? When using more than one for one prescription, do I program each individually or hold them all in my hands at once? Should I keep the individual prescriptions in individual bags? Or…

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    New to Crystals and Not Sure Where to Start?

    Sponsor this page.   When you are new to crystal healing and the world of crystals it can be overwhelming. One of the biggest things I notice is people are wanting to make sure they are doing things the “right” way. I’ll admit, I can be one of those people too. Here is the first rule for crystals and crystal healing… The way that works best for you is the right way! If something feels right to you and it is working for you, don’t change it just because someone comes along and says that you’re doing it wrong or they have a better way. This includes authors too. Always…

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    Which Crystals Should You Choose

    Sponsor this page.   I have created many crystal tips and prescriptions to help you choose the crystals that will help you in your healing and life goals. For each crystal tip, I suggest several crystals so that you can choose the perfect one or perfect combination for you. Everyone’s energies are different and therefore everyone will resonate with crystals differently. Use your intuition and experiment with the crystals to see which are right for you. You can choose one crystal or more than one. You do not have to use all of them listed. I only give multiple choices so you can find the perfect fit for you. Start…

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