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    Crystal Substitutions, Broken Crystals, and Crystals for Infants and Children

    Fan Submitted Question: I am your facebook fan, just gone through your website. Can I use any crystal of the same colour for my problem? suppose I don’t have yellow fluorite so can I use any other yellow crystal instead of yellow fluorite? My rose quartz has broken can I use broken rose quartz? Can I use crystals on infants and children? Too many questions but please reply me I will be thankful. Answer: No, you cannot use a crystal of the same color for a specific problem unless it is chakra work. To use your example, you could not use Citrine as a substitute for Yellow Fluorite to help…

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    Child with ADHD, Anxiety, and Sleep Problems

    Fan Submitted Question: I found some of your information on Pinterest and have been learning a little about about crystals. I am about 2 weeks into this journey. My 10 year old son has ADHD and a lot of Anxiety. He is medicated and still has a lot of issues. I have been using essential oils with him and they help but sometimes we need more. Today he was throwing a giant fit about homework and I told him to find his worry stone (Snowflake Obsidian) he grabbed it and started to become calmer and I also put some oils on him. Within moments he was able to finish the…

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    Protection Crystals for Kids

    Fan Submitted Question: I have 2 lil grand kids ages 6 and 8 who are crystal kids. Because of their age, they are not the very careful with items. I gave them a piece of clear quartz for protection, but I was wondering because they are so young should I get them something else? At least to where at my house. I know that their house needs a gooooooood cleansing but the mom is not open to it. Answer: I suppose this would more depend upon how well they take care of their crystals. My youngest is 9 and he has had crystals since he was about 2 or 3.…

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