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    Larvikite VS Labradorite VS Black Moonstone

    Larvikite has so many misleading names that it makes perfect sense that many people confuse it with Labradorite and Black Moonstone. These names include Black Labradorite, Black Moonstone, Norwegian Moonstone, and Blue Pearl Granite, just to name the most common. This video will show you a side by side comparison so that you can identify which you have, even if it was labeled as one of those “other” names. MOH’s Hardness Larvikite: 6-6.5 Labradorite: 6-6.5 Black Moonstone: 6-6.5 Streak: Larvikite: White Labradorite: White Black Moonstone: White Mineral Content: Larvikite: Larvikite is a Augite Syenite or Monzonite with relatively high Al2O3, Na2O and K2O contents. It is a relatively coarse-grained Anorthoclase-rich…

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    Black Moonstone

    Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page.   ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Black Moonstone is excellent for metaphysical pursuits of all kinds as it protects and opens your energy field to higher vibrations. If you need a mentor or spiritual guardian, hold Black Moonstone and ask that a suitable guide comes to you from higher dimensions or in the physical realm. Holding a powerful connection to the divine feminine, it links to the transformative energy of the Black Madonna or the Magdalene. Black Moonstone screens out the undesirable effects of electromagnetic emanations, especially mobile phones, computers and WiFi, and blocks radiation and X-rays. Assisting those who are…

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