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    Crystal Substitutions, Broken Crystals, and Crystals for Infants and Children

    Fan Submitted Question: I am your facebook fan, just gone through your website. Can I use any crystal of the same colour for my problem? suppose I don’t have yellow fluorite so can I use any other yellow crystal instead of yellow fluorite? My rose quartz has broken can I use broken rose quartz? Can I use crystals on infants and children? Too many questions but please reply me I will be thankful. Answer: No, you cannot use a crystal of the same color for a specific problem unless it is chakra work. To use your example, you could not use Citrine as a substitute for Yellow Fluorite to help…

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    Crystals for a Baby’s Nursery

    Fan Submitted Question: Hello! I have been following your page and absolutely love it! I want to make a sachet for a baby’s room. He is due to arrive November fifth and wanted to make him one to hang in his nursery. What crystals would you recommend I add. I have amethyst and rose quartz but was wondering what your recommendation would be. Thank you for your time and wisdom. Blessed be! Answer: Congratulations on your little one! I know how exciting it is the months leading up to their arrival. You have perfect crystals with Amethyst and Rose Quartz. I’d also add Selenite to that as well which brings…

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    Teething Baby

    Fan Submitted Question: Good day! I was wondering if you could offer some tips on which crystals would be good for soothing babies. I’ve been using Baltic Amber for teething symptoms as well as using a moonstone on her chakras to help her sleep. Any other ideas from a pro crystal gal? Thanks in advance I love your page! Answer: You are right, Amber is perfect for teething. If she is having any specific problems, let me know. Otherwise, some wonderful general ones would include Rose Quartz for the soothing, loving energy. Amethyst is also calming and helps with sleep and sweet dreams. These are 2 crystals I feel everyone…

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