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I started my seasonal healing sessions on the 2014 Spring Equinox. Every season since I have been doing my healings the same way. I do the healing, sending it to everyone who is on my list of recipients, and then email them with the crystals and any information that comes through during the healing.

Since I started doing Facebook Live healings in my Tribe group, I have noticed more and more people asking if the Seasonal healings are done the same way. That’s why I decided to see what YOU would enjoy the most.

Email Healings

This will be just like it currently is. I do the healings and work on typing out an email to you that shows and tells the crystals that were used in the healing and any messages that might come though. That email is in your inbox by the morning after the healing.

Video Healings (My plans if we choose this option.)

If we decide to do Facebook Live healings it will be done in a private Facebook group. You must pay for the upcoming healing to be allowed in the group.

The healing will be recorded and added to YouTube for those of you who do not use Facebook. The private link to the video will be sent to everyone instead of our typical “After Care” email.

The healing will remain available in the group for 2 weeks before it retires. It will include all messages that I intuitively see, hear, and feel live as always.

The Seasonal Healings group will be completely separate from my Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe group. The Seasonal group will not have the same benefits as the Tribe group.

I will still send an “After Care” email. It will simply include the links to the healing videos.

You do not have to watch the video or be there live to enjoy the healing. Just as it currently is, the healing will reach you no matter what you are doing at the time that it is being sent.

The poll will load here. If you do not already see it then please give it a moment to load.

Thank you so much for your vote!

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