Seasonal Healing: Are you on the list?

Did you know that you can sign up for more than 1 season at a time for my Seasonal Chakra Healings? I LOVE this option but it sometimes leave people unsure if they are on my upcoming healing list or not. Below is a list of the names that I currently have on my healing list. It will be updated as often as possible. If you believe you should be on my healing list and do not see your name or you are not sure if the name listed below is yours then please contact me. I’ll gladly check my master list and let you know.

The seasonal healings are also done via Facebook Live video and recorded. Once you have paid for your spot in the seasonal healing then be sure to request to join the official group: Seasonal Chakra Healings with Crystal Guidance

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IMPORTANT: I do send out a confirmation email when I officially add you to the healing list. Make sure to white list my email [NEW EMAIL].

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Fall 2021’s List

* Indicates it was bought for or gifted to that person.
Last Updated: September 17 (11:00am CDT) 

Ain E.*
AJ D.*
Alex K.*
Amanda K.*
Amber J.
Amy N.
Andrew K.*
Angel C.-C.*
Angie B.
Annika K.*
April S.
April W*
Barbara M.
Becky S.
Beth K.
Bob K.
Breanna S.*
Brigitte R.*
Brooke M.
Caitlin S.*
Caleb S.*
Carmen R.
Cheryl C.
Cheryl K.
Christie R.
Cohen L.-C.*
Colleen Sh.
Colleen St.
Damita B.
Dan O.
Daniel S.*
Deandras W.*
Debbie F.
Debra F.
Deepak B.
Derrick W.
Doug K.*
Elena K.
Elena T.*
Elia O.*
Emmanuel J.*
Erin B.
Gabriela G.*
Gale B.
Gloria C.*
Grace F.*
Haley G.*
Hannelore D.
Hazel H.
Heather T.
Imeka P.*
Itzia W.
Jackie H.
James L.*
James L.*
Jamie N.
Jayden S.*
Jeanette G.
Jennifer C.
Jennifer Ph.
Jenny Pe.
Jessica H.
Joel K.*
Jordy K.*
Joyce K.
Jyoti B.
Kari C.
Karina D.
Kathryn D.
Katie K.
Kay D.
Kenneth R.*
Kenny P.*
Killian C.-C.*
Kim S.
Kristin Z.
Krystle M.
Larissa B.
Lauren M.*
Lea F.
LeAnn H.
Leslie W.
Leticia G.*
Libby W.
Lisa C.
Lisa G.
Makiyah L.*
Marcus S.*
Maria G.
Marla Gi.
Marla Go.
Marsha S.
Martha A.*
Maureen D.
Maya P.*
Melissa B.
Michelin T.
Michelle A.
Michelle G.
Mikhaela L.*
Misty R.
Mónica C.*
Nancy S.*
Nazlin M.
Nikhil P.*
Nozomi L.
Pati T.
Patti L.
Phillip K.*
Prakash B.
Rachel L.*
Rachelle H.
Rasean C.
Rex T.*
Rhonda H.
Rob K.*
Robin M.
Rose S.
Rosemary W.
Samiyah L.*
Sandra B.
Sapna B.
Sarah K.*
Sarah T.
Shalene C.*
Shelly S.
Sheri H.
Stacey R.
Sue P.
Susan N-K.*
Tabitha R.
Tammy G.
Tammy O-Y.*
Terri R.
Theresa W.
Tisha D.-S.
Tova S.
Tracy L.
Trina R.*
Tylasha S.
Veda L.
Vicki E.*
Vicky C.
Victoria G.
Victoria R.
Vivian A.
Zachary S.*

Winter 2021’s List

* Indicates it was bought for or gifted to that person.
Last Updated: September 17

Amy Na.
Angie Be.
April Sa.
Becky Sm.
Bob Ku.
Breanna Sa.*
Brooke Ma.
Caitlin Sh.*
Caleb Se.*
Carmen Ru.
Cheryl Ch.
Christie Ri.
Colleen Sh.
Colleen St.
Dan Or.
Daniel So.*
Debbie Fi.
Debra Fi.
Derrick Wh.
Erin Br.
Gale By.
Grace Fi.*
Haley Gu.*
Hannelore Do.
Hazel Hu.
Heather Ty.
Itzia Wa.
Jackie Hi.
Jamie Ne.
Jennifer Ci.
Jennifer Ph.
Jessica He.
Joyce Kl.
Kari Co.
Kathryn Dz.
Kay De.
Kim So.
Kristin Za.
Larissa Bu.
Lea Fr.
LeAnn He.
Leslie Wi.
Libby Wh.
Lisa Cl.
Lisa Gr.
Maria Ga.
Marla Gi.
Marsha Sc.
Maureen Da.
Maya Pa.*
Melissa Bu.
Michelin Ta.
Michelle Gi.
Nazlin Ma.
Nikhil Pa.*
Nozomi Le.
Pati Th.
Patti Le.
Rachelle Hi.
Rhonda Ha.
Rob Ke.*
Robin Mu.
Rose St.
Rosemary Wu.
Sarah Th.
Sue Pe.
Susan N-K.*
Tabitha Ra.
Tammy Gu.
Terri Ra.
Theresa Wa.
Tisha D.-S.
Tova Sa.
Tracy La.
Vicki El.*
Vicky Cu.
Victoria Ga.
Victoria Ri.
Vivian As.
Zachary Sa.*

All of 2022 List

You are signed up for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter of 2022. (THANK YOU!!)

* Indicates it was bought for or gifted to that person.
Last Updated: September 19

Terri Ra.