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Review: Witches’ Wisdom Oracle

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The following is a review of the “Witches’ Wisdom Oracle Deck” by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters. I usually offer reviews on crystal decks, but I am making an exception with the Witches’ Oracle series. They are, hands down, my favorite decks. In fact, I have 2 copies of the Witches’ Wisdom deck so that I have one in my office and one on my altar upstairs by my bed. This review contains details about the oracle deck, a list of the cards that are featured in this deck, photos, a video review, and where the deck was purchased if you’d like to get your own copy.

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Author/Creator: Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters

Publication Date: July 8, 2018

Where to Buy: Amazon*

Book or Info Cards: 112 page booklet.

Number of Oracle Cards: 48

Card Size: 5.5″ by 3.75″

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The following is a list of the cards that are included in this deck.

Air (Imagination)
Altar (Dedication)
Ancestors (Remembrance)
Athame (Boundaries)
Beltane (Fertility)
Book of Shadows (Secret)
Broomstick (Clearance)
Candles (Magic)
Cauldron (Containment)
Chalice (Fulfillment)
Cloak (Concealment)
Earth (Grounding)
Familiar (Guardian)
Fire (Passion)
Handfasting (Union)
Hearth (Homecoming)
Herbal Kitchen (Alchemist)
Hex (Banishment)
High Priestess/Priest (Responsibility)
Homeland (Foundation)
Imbolc (Awakening)
Lady/Goddess (Feminine)
Litha (Intensification)
Lord/God (Masculine)
Lughnasadh (Prosperity)
Mabon (Balance)
Magic Circle (Protection)
Moon (Cycles)
Ostara (Incubation)
Pentacle (Respect)
Ritual (Invocation)
Samhain (Death)
Scrying Mirror (Shadow)
Spell (Manifestation)
Spirit (Initiation)
Staff (Stability)
Tarot (Guidance)
Wand (Intention)
Watchtower of the East (Spring)
Watchtower of the North (Winter)
Watchtower of the South (Summer)
Watchtower of the West (Autumn)
Water (Cleansing)
Wiccan Rede (Ethos)
Witch (Healer)
Witch’s Cottage (Security)
Witch’s Hat (Power)
Yule (Rebirth)

My Review


This is my absolute favorite deck! Considering I have over 100 oracle decks alone, that is saying quite a bit. In fact, I have 2 copies of the Witches’ Wisdom deck so that I can have one in my office and one on my bedside altar. I have joked that I have never had a deck call me out like this one can. The messages are highly accurate, blunt in your face, and get right to the point. Everyone that I have pulled a card for from this deck is amazed at how spot on the readings are. The messages in the book are the perfect length, in my opinion. They are to the point and offer a lot of information without it being so much to read that you lose interest. This deck is quite the opposite. In addition to the “Witches’ Wisdom” message for the card, it also offers “Witches’ Foresight” which is additional meanings and messages for the card. It then goes into the “Revealed” section which tell more about the meaning of the card in terms of how it is used in witchcraft or its origins.

The size of the cards is the standard 5.5″ x 3.75″, good card stock, with silver edges. There are 48 cards in the deck, so it is easy to handle when shuffling.

The photos, created by Richard Crookes, are absolutely stunning! You can easily pick up on additional messages from the artwork on the cards.

This is the first deck in the Witches’ Oracle series. So far I have all of the decks and look forward to all of the future ones. If you are curious what other decks are offered by these talented authors then check out their website:

I highly recommend the deck. If anyone asks me what my favorite deck is I don’t even have to think about it. I show them photos of this one. In fact, as soon as I got my hands on it I had to tell 2 of my best friends about it. It is in their collection now too. I hope you enjoy working with the Witches’ Wisdom Oracle as much as I do!

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The following reading is the exact message and information that is included in the guide that accompanies this deck for the card shown above. It is an example of what you can expect for each card entry in the book.

SPELL — Manifestation
Make a wish or cast a spell.
Your magic works so very well.
Be sure to keep the Three Fold Law.
Gifts will abound all the more.
This magic is worked, with harm to none
So mote it be. There, it is done.

Witches’ Wisdom:
This is a good time for you to work spells, for magic abounds Your manifestation abilities are heightened and a magical energy runs through all that you put your focus on. Your gift at this moment in time, to bring about what you desire, is strong as is your understanding of the elements, herbs, and candle magic. But remember to be careful what you wish for, as you could be blind to any unseen factors if the action you take is not for the highest good. Manifestation asks you to heed the Three Fold Law and to remember that whatever you send out comes back. Be transparent about your wishes, and take into consideration any consequences that may occur. Live accordingly in harmony with a level of consciousness that will harm none and be aware of your thoughts and words at every moment. Master this, and you will be in a position to receive all that you ask for.

Witches’ Foresight:
You have the Midas though right now. Remember to use clarity when visualizing your desires. Use positive affirmations to ensure the outcome you wish for. Your spells are working. Study and follow the Three Fold Law.

Spell Revealed:
When you create magical spells with your intent, desires, and goals, you need to be aware of the outcome. Do what you will but harm none, as is the Three Fold Law. Your thoughts, actions, words, and deeds are spoken or directed need to be for the good of all, including you. Use powers for concentration, tools, and herbs to invoke magical effect.

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