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Review: Crystal Wisdom Oracle

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The following is a review of the “Crystal Wisdom Oracle” by Judy Hall. This review contains details about the oracle deck, a list of the crystals featured in this deck, photos, a video review, and where the deck was purchased if you’d like to get your own copy. It also includes a comparison with the newer version of the deck so that you can compare the two decks.

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Author/Creator: Judy Hall

Publication Date: November 2013 first edition from Watkins Publishing

Where to Buy: Amazon*

Book or Info Cards: This deck comes with an 80 page guidebook.

Number of Oracle Cards: 40

Card Size: approximately 3 1/2″ x 4 3/4″

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The following is a list of the crystal cards included in this deck.

Suite: Earthy
Black Tourmaline
Mookaite Jasper
Bumble Bee Jasper
Tiger’s Eye
Blue Lace Agate
Suite: Healing
Quantum Quattro
Lapis Lazuli
Rose Quartz
Suite: Cosmic
Rainbow Mayanite
Trigonic Quartz
Auralite 23
Golden Healer
Smoky Quartz Elestial
Nirvana Quartz
Suite: Integration
Polychrome Jasper
Shiva Lingam
Preseli Bluestone
Pink Granite
Lavender Aragonite
Brandenberg Amethyst

My Review


I love the Crystal Wisdom Oracle cards by Judy Hall. The photography is beautiful. However, this is not a deck that I would recommend for someone who would like to do intuitive readings that has limited knowledge about crystals. These cards only offer a photo of a single crystal with the name of the crystals plus a border color to match the multidimensional vibration for that card. These cards do not have any keywords or any other information to help indicate the divinatory message for that card. With that said, a reader will need to know at least a little information about each of the crystals in this deck or they would need to consult the book for the meanings for these cards. That would truly be the only downfall that I see for this deck. As you will see in my example below, these cards do have a keyword to clue you in on the message and energy of the card.

The photography for this deck is beautiful. I do feel a few of the photos are a little dark, but in general, these are stunning examples of each crystal. There is 1 crystal shown for each card. Looking through the photos I would say they are a very good representation of the crystal on the card. Photography and crystal representation wise this is one of my favorite decks. To me, this is a very important aspect for crystal decks. After all, we want to be able to connect with that crystal as if it is right there. This deck does that for us. The back of the cards is a pretty blue color with a repeating design in white that matches the pattern and on the box.

The deck comes with an 80 page guidebook that has an in-color page for each oracle card. It also includes information about the cards and the vibrational suites, how to work with the cards, 5 card layout suggestions, and brief information on using the cards for healing. As shown above, with the list of crystals in this deck you will see the multidimensional vibration suites. These suites include Earthy, Healing, Cosmic, and Integration. There are 10 cards in each of the vibrational suites. The book does tell us how these vibrational energies work for the readings and for healing in our lives.

These cards are not organized with a specific order in mind—that I could see—other than separating them by suites with the different color borders. This means they are not in alphabetical order as you can see above in the list of crystals that are included in this deck. I typed them out exactly as they are listed in the book. In order to make it easier on myself, I actually wrote in my guidebook the color of each suite to help me look up the crystal a little easier in the book. You must look in the table of contents to find the crystal you are wanting to look up. You can’t easily flip through it to find the crystal like you could with a book that is either in alphabetical order or has a number for that particular card.

If you like the looks of this deck and would like to add it to your oracle deck collection, first check out the new upgraded version The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle.

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The following reading is the exact message and information that is included in the guide that accompanies this crystal deck for the card shown above. It is an example of what you can expect for each card entry in the book.


CARNELIAN: Creativity
Multidimensional Vibration Suite: Earthy
• Healing Insight: Sufficient vitamins and minerals support your metabolism for optimum well-being.

Traditionally, Carnelian protected against “glamours” (spells), envy and the Evil Eye. It brought good fortune to the wearer and was believed to prevent blood rushing to the head and causing precipitate action.

• Self-Understanding: You have the ability to remain calm during disputes and the self-control not to follow the crowd. Your courage in the face of danger comes from inner strength not foolhardiness. Your family means a lot to you and you want to protect it. Your sexual drive is strong; lust or aggression has been a problem in a past life. Direct it toward creativity and raising kundalini force.

• Divination: Be eloquent, creative and bold. Do not back down. Trust your intuitive perceptions. Distinction in your career lies ahead. Recognize true greatness. Be a mentor. Alleviate stress, take time to play. You are a tower of strength during sorrow. To make positive choices stay anchored in the present. Let go of emotional ties or outdated projects holding you back. Beware a charismatic person.

• Frequency: Earthy to high depending on clarity
• Chakra: base (root) and sacral
• Timing: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio
• Soul Path: expressing soul vitality

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