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Review: Crystal Ally Cards

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The following is a review of the “The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge” by Naisha Ahsian. This review contains details about the oracle deck, a list of the crystals featured in this deck, photos, a video review, and where the deck was purchased if you’d like to get your own copy.

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Author/Creator/Photographer: Naisha Ahsian

Publication Date: October 1, 1997

Where to Buy: Amazon*

Book or Info Cards: Large 285-page book.

Number of Oracle Cards: 55

Card Size: 6″ by 4″ laminated lightweight cardstock

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The following is a list of the crystal cards included in this deck.

The Earth Element

Black Tourmaline
Smoky Quartz
Petrified Wood

The Fire Element

Golden Topaz
Tiger Eye

The Water Element

Rose Quartz
Kunzite & Hiddenite

The Wind Element

Lapis Lazuli

The Storm Element

Clear Quartz

My Review


The “Crystal Ally Cards” was actually my very first crystal deck. I would briefly like to point out that this review is for the original “Crystal Ally Cards” set. In 2017 a newer version called the “Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition” was released. I do not have that deck, so I cannot do a direct comparison between the two decks. From what I understand, it has 21 new cards. If I acquire the Evolution Edition then I will do a new video comparison of the two versions.

The photos on these are quite different from most decks out there. If you are looking for a deck that has a good photo of the crystal, then this is not the deck for you. If you are someone who prefers the cards to have a photo to match the message of that particular card, then these are good ones. The images, including the crystals, are all digital graphics. A lot of it actually reminds me of 8-bit graphics. Some of the images I like and some I do not. Some I can see the connection to its message and others leave me scratching my head in confusion. I think the photos will come down to a matter of taste on if you resonate with the images or not.

I do like the fact that the cards are separated into elements. You can clearly see which element each card is by looking at the surrounding border. The elements bring additional depth to the card and can add to the meanings that you pick up on during your reading.

The book is quite in depth and offers a long meaning for each card. You can see an example of one of those entries below. In addition to the 77 card entries, it also has additional sections in the boot to connect more with the cards. The different sections include the following:
• Light
• Earth Magic
• Introduction into Crystal Resonance Therapy
• Consulting The Crystal Allies
• Healing with the Crystal Ally Cards
• The Meditations: Connecting with your Crystal Allies — Cleansing the Chakras — Experiencing the Elemental Allies — Awakening a Crystal
• The Divination Layouts: Heaven & Earth — Pyramid — Chakra — Elemental Ally — Trinity

The card size is probably my only real complaint about this deck. Although some people may prefer the larger cards. Personally, I find them too big for my hands and very hard to shuffle. I like to do a riffle shuffle and my fingers are stretched to the max trying to hold the cards. They are 6″ x 4″ (standard photo print size). The upside is you get more details visible on the images, but it requires a different way of shuffling especially if you have smaller hands.

For those of you who are looking for a deck that showcases the crystals in the image, this would not be the deck for you. However, if you are the type of person who likes images that go along with the theme of the cards so that you can intuitively pick up on additional messages, then definitely look into this one for your collection.

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The following reading is the exact message and information that is included in the guide that accompanies this crystal deck for the card shown above. It is an example of what you can expect for each card entry in the book.

GARNET — Prosperity (Earth Element Ally)
In a fertile garden, a golden vessel full of new wine sits next to a cornucopia flowing with fruit and riches. Garnet is the stone of fertility, abundance, prosperity and earth power. It is through our first or root chakra that we receive energy from the great Earth Mother. Garnet is a powerful Ally in the establishment and activation of the connecting cord that links us to this element. It is through this cord that we can both receive sustenance from the Earth and offer her our own light and energy, bringing us back into balance with the being on which we live.

Garnets carry and enriching and nourishing energy. They not only encourage the flow of energy between the Earth and the humans who utilize them, but also act as powerful cleansers and activators of the first chakra, initiating the Kundalini flow and an ecstatic fusing with the expression of All That Is on the Earth plane.

Garnets initiate the remembrance that all life is interconnected and springs from the same source. Seeing the Divine in all creation, and re-experiencing the limitless nurturing and provision of the universe are just two of the wonderful side effects of resonating with this powerful Ally.

The rich colors of garnet stones remind us of the abundance, prosperity, and plenty that the Earth Mother offers to us, if we will open ourselves to receiving them. Garnet tells us that we have sprung from The blood and bones of this Earth, and reminds us that the Earth Mother will provide us with all that we need.

Garnet’s energy is the balancing polarity of Ruby. While Ruby represents the will to survive, Garnet carries the knowledge that all needs will be provided for. When these two energies are in balance, we are able to ask the Universe for what we need, and recognize the solution when it appears.

The Universe is an unlimited resource of energy, supplying you with whatever you need. When you create abundance in your life, you are showing others that it is possible, and that prosperity is available to everyone. Garnet is calling you to remember your own worth. It has come as a messenger to remind you that you are an unlimited child of the creative source. Whatever you ask, you shall receive.

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