What would you suggest for protection, night terrors, and a mermaid stuck on land?

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Question: There is so much... there's a whole lot of spiritual chaos around my situation... a girl who claims she's channeled me. If this is true I have to make sure its not happening ever again... my fiancee has horrid night terrors, sometimes has to battle demons.. I feel there's a presence in my house that I don't want... I'm a mermaid stuck in indiana... my soul is dry... sorry this is so fragmented but my nerves are shot... but yes. Any ideas for an irish gypsy mermaid that is losing her mind slightly? Id love to buy a package from you relating to protection, peace, happiness, etcetera... hints? Help? I'm very new to my magic so I really don't know what to do

Answer: If she is channeling you, it does sound like protection is the way to go. Crystals like Black Tourmaline are wonderful, but I also really like Labradorite as it helps to protect and shield your aura.

For your fiancee, Moonstone and Amethyst work well for the night terrors. My youngest son started having them where he would sleep walk and be upset. He would talk to me as and even look like he was awake, but he made very little sense and was typically crying. I added Moonstone to his crystal dream pillow and the night terrors stopped. When we are sleeping that is when our subconscious takes over and we are most psychically open since our ego isn't in the way. Your fiancee might want to add a protection crystal as well. In his case I'd recommend Smoky Quartz which is good for sleeping as well.

When you said you are a mermaid basically stuck on land I had "Aquamarine!" shouted at me. For you, working with water crystals will be ideal! Aquamarine is right at the top of that list.

Take a peek at my crystal prescriptions page and you will find more suggestions so that you can find the perfect crystals for you and your fiancee.


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