What crystals would you recommend to hang in a new baby's nursery?

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Question: Hello! I have been following your page and absolutely love it! I want to make a sachet for a baby's room. He is due to arrive November fifth and wanted to make him one to hang in his nursery. What crystals would you recommend I add. I have amethyst and rose quartz but was wondering what your recommendation would be. Thank you for your time and wisdom. Blessed be!

Answer: Congratulations on your little one! I know how exciting it is the months leading up to their arrival. You have perfect crystals with Amethyst and Rose Quartz. I'd add Selenite to that as well which brings in an angelic and protective energy. If you add any herbs to his sachet, Lavender would be perfect for it's soothing aroma and energy. It would blend beautiful with your crystals.


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