What crystals would be good for a very sensitive empath?

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Question: Hi, I'm new to learning crystal healing but always willing to learn. I have a question I hope you can answer. I have a friend who is a very sensitive Empath, I was wondering what crystal(s) would be good for her? I really hope you can help because she not only gets the emotions she gets hit with the physical, and it really affects her. Thanks for helping. Love your page, I am learning so much from it, keep up the great work.

Answer: It can definitely be overwhelming for empaths and it is very important for us to learn to shield ourselves. First off, have her check out my recommended psychic protection crystals. They will be exactly what she needs. It is also important for her to remain grounded. You'll find many of the protection crystals are also beneficial for grounding as well.

Before she goes out to deal with people or before doing any healing work, have her envision a protective bubble around her. This can be whatever color bubble she feels is protective. Some recommend white and some say gold for the bubble color. I personally love the feel of an iridescent color, similar to an actual bubble. Sometimes visualization can be difficult. If this is the case for her, have her intuitively feel the protective bubble around her. Whenever she starts to feel overwhelmed, have her reinforce that protective bubble and do a little extra grounding if she feels it is necessary. I've done that in a store before. I just stopped for a moment and envisioned roots from the bottom of my feel going deep into the Earth to help ground and protect me. It helped me calm down when dealing with the crowded store. I hope this helps her! Crystal blessing to you both.

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