My son thinks something is watching him at night. I feel it is EMF he is sensing. What can help?

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Question: Hi! My son thinks there is something in the corner of his room watching him at night. As an empathic medium, I know there is nothing actually pestering him. The corner he feels this from is the same corner that the DirectTV dish is attached to the outside of the house. I suspect it's the EMF's that are causing him to feel uneasy. I saw your recommendations for crystals to help people affected by EMF's. I'm new to all of this really and have just learned of crystal grids. Do you have a recommendation for the center stone in a grid that I can put on his dresser between the satellite dish and his bed? Thanks for your time!

Answer: Black Tourmaline would be perfect for him. You can also let him know it's a protection crystal. He might like Selenite too. It's a wonderful protection one with a calming, angelic feel to it. I know my boys (9 and 14) love it. You can find additionat crystal suggestions on my site for EMF protection and psychic protection.


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