Protection Crystals for Kids

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Fan Submitted Question: I have 2 lil grand kids ages 6 and 8 who are crystal kids. Because of their age, they are not the very careful with items. I gave them a piece of clear quartz for protection, but I was wondering because they are so young should I get them something else? At least to where at my house. I know that their house needs a gooooooood cleansing but the mom is not open to it.

Answer: I suppose this would more depend upon how well they take care of their crystals. My youngest is 9 and he has had crystals since he was about 2 or 3. He was taught young that these were his friends, so he’s always taken care of them. My boys were raised with crystals, though, so I am sure that plays a big part of that.

Clear Quartz — actually any member of the Quartz family — are perfect starter crystals. I typically gift the children in my life Rose Quartz or Amethyst. If you’re looking for a good protection crystal, Smoky Quartz or even tumbled Black Tourmaline would be perfect. Just make sure it is a tumbled one. I’ve found the raw ones can have pieces break off.

If you have the ability to, you might even take them to a crystal shop and let them pick out their favorite. Kids will intuitively pick what they need at that time, even if it is because it is their favorite color. Often times the color we gravitate towards has an energy that we need or it reflects a positive part of our personality.

I hope that helps! I’m so happy that you are introducing them to crystals. Children are so receptive to their energies. That’s why so many kids collect rocks. Have fun spoiling them.

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