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Oracle Reading for November 2020

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Happy November, everyone! Choose which card you are drawn to and read its message below. Take a deep breath, relax, and let your intuition guide you to the message you need to hear for the upcoming month. Choose the card that you are drawn to and then scroll down to read its message below. Please note that the first image shows the back of the cards so that you use your intuition to feel which one is right for you. Enjoy the monthly reading! ~Jen from FB page Crystal Guidance and FB Group Crystal Guidance Updates

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Common Questions

• What time will the cards be posted every month?
The post will go live on the Crystal Guidance website on the last day of the month at 12:00 PM noon Central time. The “pick your card” post will go live on Facebook at the same time. The card reveal will be posted the following day (on the 1st of the month) for Facebook.

• How will I know when the new cards are posted?
The post here on Crystal Guidance will be the top (newest) post in the Oracle Card Readings category. You can also find it by looking at the “RECENT” tab on the homepage. On Facebook I will post a message with the “choose your card” image.

• Why do the cards look the same?
The photo above is what I call the “choose your card” image. You are looking at the back of the cards. Look below for the front of the cards plus the messages that go along with them.

• What deck is this?
I always list which deck I am using just below the card reveal image. Most decks were purchased through Amazon.

• What oracle and tarot decks do you use for your readings?
I have a list of the decks that I have in my collection listed here. I will be doing reviews on the crystal decks in the near future on that page.

• Do you do personal readings?
Yes. I offer 1 card readings every week for the members of my premium Facebook group, Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe.

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Monthly Oracle Card Reveal

January’s oracle cards revealed! The following are the messages that came with these cards. Also use your own intuition to feel what your chosen card has to say for you. Much love and crystal blessings for the month ahead!

★ This Month’s Oracle Deck:Spirit of the Animals Oracle” by Jody Bergsma

P.S. Check back on the 30th/31st of every month for the newest oracle card readings for the upcoming month.

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#1 (left) – ELEPHANT: Greatness — Elephants are the mightiest land mammals. Nothing can stand in the way of their determination and strength. Elephant medicine helps us break down any barrier that might hold us back from success. Elephants are a symbol for good luck and prosperity. They have thick skin and little things do not bother them. Elephants teach us to let go of petty irritations and focus on what matters. Elephants are matriarchal. Baby elephants are welcomed with squeals and tears. The entire group raises the young. Elephants live long and the female stay together for life. Males leave the herd when they reach adulthood and often form their own groups.

If you are an elephant person you are a take-charge individual. You are happy to lead. You are gregarious, and generous unless provoked to anger. If elephant is your totem you have a fine mind and are a life-long learner. Your strong sense of smell makes you very discerning. You are loyal and protective of your family and community. Call upon elephant to enhance these traits in you. May all your friends be loyal and true. May you become the leader you were born to be. Taking charge is your natural gift and your wisdom and gentle strength will inspire everyone around you.

MEANINGS: Love is your strength. • Leadership is your path.• Your wisdom inspires everyone you meet. • You can overcome any problem. • You will naturally and easily achieve success.

CONTRARY: Are distractions making you forget things? Center yourself. • Do you need to develop a thicker skin? • How does your current situation smell? Use your nose! • Seek the truth–signs are everywhere.

KEYWORDS: Royalty, Longevity, Inner Strength, Politics, Leadership, Power, Impervious, Courage, Discernment, Memory, Wisdom, Family.


#2 (middle) – HAWK: Messenger — The Hawk, with its extraordinary vision and high vantage point, has the ability to see what others cannot. Hawks are associated with the realm of the ancient gods. Jupiter and Mercury both had hawk as their ally. Hawk is often called “Messenger of the Gods”. To see hawk or hear it’s shrill cry can be a warning to be more aware. Look to at all the details and omens to pause and reflect on what may be amiss. Hawks mate for life and the pair raises their young and a strong and secure nest. Hawks look out for family. When embroiled in family issues take flight and breathe the fresh air. Too much emotion can cloud hawk’s clear vision.

Hawk always means spirit is at hand. Hawk people benefit from focus and sharp observation to guide them to a best outcome. They believe in a bright future because they soar above others and see the way to success in all ventures. Optimism is one of hawks virtues. If hawk calls you it may be wise to spend some time studying the currents of life and follow where they lead. The wind with its power and direction will be your guide. You can fly and reach the sky. You are stronger than you think, braver than you believe and wiser than you know.

MEANINGS: Spirit is sending you messages. • Open your greater vision and see the signs. • Focus on priorities and eliminate distractions. • You have a bright future. • Let yourself ascend to new heights.

CONTRARY: Have you lost your “bird’s eye view” and are missing the obvious? • Is it time to get more focused on family or goals? • Are you listening to the Messenger of the Gods? • Or has emotion clouded your perception?

KEYWORDS: Courage, Swiftness, Clear Sight, Focus, Intensity, Premonition, Fidelity, Higher Purpose, Discernment, Messages from Spirit.


#3 (right) – HUMPBACK WHALE: Singer — Humpbacks are the record keepers of the world. Whale people can connect to this ancient knowledge but often do not understand where their knowing comes from. Humpbacks are the peaceful “bards” of the sea. The males sing long, complex ballads to court the female. They often sing in unison. Their soulful songs are frequencies that release tension and heal the ocean with love. Humpback is a great totem for the musician and composer. Singing is a powerful act that links us to our eternal soul. Music unlocks hidden joy, inner knowing and healing.

Humpbacks travel long distances, using sonar to find their way. Sonar can travel hundreds of miles and is like asking a question and then waiting patiently for the answer to come back to you. Humpback mothers carefully tend to their newborns. They gently push them to the surface to breathe and teach them the way to live. If humpback is your totem you have strong protective forces around you. Your telepathy and knowing are strong. You will navigate the vast ocean of life with grace and sure success. Call upon him back to teach you to unlock your many gifts and help you remember your history and place in the world.

MEANINGS: Sing healing songs for the world. • Your inner navigation always guides you. • Nothing can stop you or keep you from your goal. • Align with your purpose and the power in your soul.

CONTRARY: Are you asking questions and listening to the answers? • Is life so noisy that you have lost the sound of your inner sonar? Find some silence. • Do you need to put the world right once more? Pause, breathe deeply and return to the water.

KEYWORDS: Peaceful, Gentle Giant, Love, Singer, Teacher, Record Keeper, Power of Breathe, Protection, Strength, Traveler, Telepathy, Tireless.

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