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Oracle Reading for May 2019

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Happy May, everyone! Choose which card you are drawn to and read its message below. Take a deep breath, relax, and let your intuition guide you to the message you need to hear for the upcoming month. Choose the card that you are drawn to and then scroll down to read its message below. Please note that the first image shows the back of the cards so that you use your intuition to feel which one is right for you. Enjoy the monthly reading! ~Jen from FB page Crystal Guidance and FB Group Crystal Guidance Updates

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Common Questions

• What time will the cards be posted every month?
The post will go live on the Crystal Guidance website on the last day of the month at 12:00 PM noon Central time. The “pick your card” post will go live on Facebook at the same time. The card reveal will be posted the following day (on the 1st of the month) for Facebook.

• How will I know when the new cards are posted?
The post here on Crystal Guidance will be the top (newest) post in the Oracle Card Readings category. You can also find it by looking at the “RECENT” tab on the homepage. On Facebook, I will post a message with the “choose your card” image.

• Why do the cards look the same?
The photo above is what I call the “choose your card” image. You are looking at the back of the cards. Look below for the front of the cards plus the messages that go along with them.

• What deck is this?
I always list which deck I am using just below the card reveal image. Most decks were purchased through Amazon.

• What oracle and tarot decks do you use for your readings?
I have a list of the decks that I have in my collection listed here. I will be doing reviews on the crystal decks in the near future on that page.

• Do you do personal readings?
No, I do not. This is something that I do for fun for fans of my Crystal Guidance page and Crystal Guidance Updates group.

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Monthly Oracle Card Reveal

May’s oracle cards revealed! The following are the messages that came with these cards. Also, use your own intuition to feel what your chosen card has to say for you. Much love and crystal blessings for the month ahead!

★ This Month’s Oracle Deck:Blessed Be Cards” by Lucy Cavendish

? P.S. Check back on the 30th/31st of every month for the newest oracle card readings for the upcoming month.

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#1 (left) – A BLESSING ON A RESOLUTION: “A blessing to bring respectful resolution to a troubling condition, situation or set of circumstances.” — It is a sad truth of the nature of humans that instead of cooperating, we sometimes compete, believing that unless we can have as much as possible, we may walk away from a dispute or negotiation with less than we feel we deserve. In this circumstance, sometimes the unfortunate aspects of humanity are most highlighted: our greed, our inability to come together and truthfully speak of our needs, and there can be manipulation. Within these circumstances, let us bring a blessing, and ask for a higher power’s will to take this circumstance and change it for the better.

May there be a blessing on all concerned with this troubling time, this conundrum that has kept you awake and had you fearful. May all those involved see the beauty in a swift and easy solution, which presents itself simply and in perfect timing. May the quarrels and the disputes become history, and be learned from, so that errors of judgment are never repeated. May all involved become their best self, devoted to finding a way through the puzzle pieces of peaceful resolution of a grievance. May any ill feelings be softly replaced with quiet optimism and a willingness to be open, honest, and understanding of all parties’ true needs. May there be no more trickery, no more hiding, no more falsehoods, no more rancor and no more fear. Let all those involved come to a respectful meeting and truthfully find a fruitful way to restore dignity to all. May your particular needs be more than met: may your expectations be unclouded, and may greed fall away from any who have sought to take advantage of these troubles. Maine nonprofit from the separations that have taken place, but may what is decided be fair, and just, and recognize all that you have contributed for so long. May there be a blessing on every conversation, on every meeting, and finally, when you walk from the table, and all is divided and terms are agreed upon, may all brooding subterranean resentments be rooted out, and purified, never to rise again. Let you be satisfied, and make the most of this resolution, and go forward, freed from any burdens, and uplifted and supported by what you have rightfully and honorably gained.


#2 (middle) – A BLESSING ON A BATTLE THAT CANNOT BE AVOIDED: “A blessing to help you through a conflict that must be faced with courage and compassion for all involved.” — Battles in our lives are not always the way we had seen them depicted. They may not be a fight, or a confrontation, or the clash of swords swinging. Most of us do not want the battle, we want the piece, and to walk and parlay our way through the differences and the difficulties within our lives. Many times we may walk away, knowing that a battle will bring more damage than we can face. And at other times, we must walk through the fires of confrontation and go into a battle we did not want, but which can no longer be avoided. So, this is a blessing on those who are too faced a battle they wished was not there to fight, but it has become clear that they have no choice but to confront, to bring out their arms, and to fight. It may be with the law, it may be with their wits. It may be through speaking your truth, and it may be by refusing to accept what another has determined is enough for you. It may be with a challenge, or a condition, or an injustice or a cruelty.

Whatever the nature and form of the battle before you, except now this blessing upon you, for your courage. For your reluctance to bring aggression into the world. For your refusal to run. For your determination to see this story through, and for the belief you now have in yourself and whatever caused it is that you now stand up for. For your warrior’s heart, which is blessed with courage, and strength, of the feeling of fear, yet the ability to stand your ground. For the swinging of the sword, and the raising of the shield. For the quiet in the chaos that you will find, and for the sacrifice you will make, in order to see this through. You are blessed, and your warrior spirit is rising, and it is blessed, for you are no aggressor or foolish conqueror. You are a soul who will no longer run from what stands between you, and the rest of your beautiful life.


#3 (right) – A BLESSING ON A NEW VENTURE: “A blessing to set direction, awaken determination, and establish a path through the unknown adventure ahead.” — May you look into the unknown tangle of possibilities ahead and find a pathway through to your goals and dreams. May the arrow of your intention be drawn back with commitment and a strong hand, may your eyes pierce the veil of the unknown, and may the arrow take flight and be sure and true. When you strike the mark, may your hopes be exceeded by the reality, and may the relish with which you began the dream be equaled by the joy and bringing to life what were once only imagined possibilities. Let the way between you and your dreams maturity be clear, and clean, gather speed and arc above all obstacles as it journeys towards its mark. As you begin, be certain of yourself, yet open to adaptation. May you be clear on what it is you yearn for, yet as flexible as the bow, and may you be as sharp as the arrowhead, so that you may penetrate all that seek to hold you back, and find your mark, landing true and bold and deep.

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