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Oracle Reading for April 2020

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Happy April, everyone! Choose which card you are drawn to and read its message below. Take a deep breath, relax, and let your intuition guide you to the message you need to hear for the upcoming month. Choose the card that you are drawn to and then scroll down to read its message below. Please note that the first image shows the back of the cards so that you use your intuition to feel which one is right for you. Enjoy the monthly reading! ~Jen from FB page Crystal Guidance and FB Group Crystal Guidance Updates

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Common Questions

• What time will the cards be posted every month?
The post will go live on the Crystal Guidance website on the last day of the month at 12:00 PM noon Central time. The “pick your card” post will go live on Facebook at the same time. The card reveal will be posted the following day (on the 1st of the month) for Facebook.

• How will I know when the new cards are posted?
The post here on Crystal Guidance will be the top (newest) post in the Oracle Card Readings category. You can also find it by looking at the “RECENT” tab on the homepage. On Facebook I will post a message with the “choose your card” image.

• Why do the cards look the same?
The photo above is what I call the “choose your card” image. You are looking at the back of the cards. Look below for the front of the cards plus the messages that go along with them.

• What deck is this?
I always list which deck I am using just below the card reveal image. Most decks were purchased through Amazon.

• What oracle and tarot decks do you use for your readings?
I have a list of the decks that I have in my collection listed here. I will be doing reviews on the crystal decks in the near future on that page.

• Do you do personal readings?
No I do not. This is something that I do for fun for fans of my Crystal Guidance page and Crystal Guidance Updates group.

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Monthly Oracle Card Reveal

April’s oracle cards revealed! The following are the messages that came with these cards. Also use your own intuition to feel what your chosen card has to say for you. Perhaps it is a crystal energy or chakra energy that you need to work with this month. Much love and crystal blessings for the month ahead!

★ This Month’s Oracle Deck: “Crystal Guidance Oracle” (retired 1st edition)

P.S. Check back on the 30th/31st of every month for the newest oracle card readings for the upcoming month.

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#1 (left) – AVENTURINE: Growth and Prosperity — Heart Chakra and Earth Element

Green Aventurine is a good luck stone, especially where prosperity is concerned. Green Aventurine and Citrine are my two favorite crystals to keep in the wealth corner of the house to promote an increase in money. In Feng Shui wealth corner is the farthest left corner from your front door. Aventurine is often known as the “Stone of Personal Growth”. This crystal instills confidence in yourself so that you can move forward in your life, even during challenging times. It also can help to protect you from psychic vampires, including vampirism of heart energy. These vampires are those that leave you feeling drained of energy after you have been around them. Aventurine works well for calming anxiety.

Aventurine’s Message: There is new growth on the horizon for you. Changes will be coming into your life, so be open to this expansion. You have the ability to be prosperous in all of your endeavors. You simply need to have the confidence that you do the power to expand your life in a positive direction.


#2 (middle) – PETRIFIED WOOD: Past Lives and Ancient Wisdom — Root Chakra and Earth Element

Petrified Wood occurs when a tree dies and silicon dioxide completely replaces all of the organic wood. All that remains of the tree is Quartz that has preserved the rings and knots from the original tree. Petrified Wood can be dated back to trees that were around over 200 million years ago. Petrified Wood is the ideal stone for past life recall and working with ancient knowledge. Its Earthy, grounding energy connects us to the past and allows us to see how it is affecting our current life. Petrified Wood also shows us the importance of patience.

Petrified Wood’s Message: The answers that you are looking for are rooted in the past. Whether it is from a past life, the wisdom from an elder, or even your own past, you need to look within to find the answers that you seek. Sometimes problems can arise in our lives, including health issues, that we simply cannot see why we are facing these problems. We will repeat these situations through out our lifetime and even through multiple life times until we have learned the lesson that our soul needs to learn. Once we have done that we will move on to the next phase in our spiritual evolution.


#3 (right) – CARNELIAN: Creativity and Action — Sacral Chakra and Fire Element

Carnelian is a high-energy crystal. It helps to boost your vitality, physical energy, motivation, and concentration. It stimulates your creativity and passion. Carnelian strengthens courage and your ability to take action for what you want in life. It can help if procrastination is holding you back from taking action in your life. Carnelian can also calm anger.

Carnelian’s Message: Now is the time to take action in your life. Put your creative talents to work in order to create the reality you desire. If you are unhappy with something in your life or you are looking to fix something, then take the steps to do it. Things will not change if you do not put forth the effort to create change. You have the talent and skills to make your life what you want it to be. It will require some work on your part, but the results will be well worth it.

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