November 20th Free Chakra Healing

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I am proud to announce that on November 20, 2020, I will be doing a live distance chakra healing that can be viewed via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Zoom. It is my gift to you as we dive into the holiday season and work our way closer to the new year.

This full chakra healing will last approximately 45-60 minutes. It will be very similar to the healings that I offer each and every month in my Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe group. However, in the group they hear all of my affirmations as well as my opening and closing blessings. Those are for my Tribe members only.

WHEN: November 20, 2020 at 6:00pm Central. (Click to see when this is for you.)
WHERE: Online on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Zoom.
DURATION: Approximately 45-60 minutes. Watch it live or on a replay.
QUESTIONS: View the frequently asked questions section near the bottom of this page.
AFTER THE HEALING: After the healing video uploads to YouTube, I will be placing the video at the bottom of the page for your viewing convenience.


The healing will be available for only 48 hours before it disappears!

Don’t miss out. Sign up to my mailing list just for this healing to receive reminders for the healing. Plus I’ll send the link to the video after it is over so that you can still see the healing even if you were unable to attend during the live event.

The healing is now available at the bottom of this page. You can enjoy it all weekend long. The healing will disappear on Monday, November 23rd, so be sure to see it before it is gone.

Upcoming Tribe group chakra healing sessions for 2021 will be on:
• January 5
• February 2
• March 2
• April 6
• May 4
• June 1
• July 6
• August 3
• September 7
• October 5
• November 2
• December 7

Jen from Crystal Guidance

For only $11 you receive the following Tribe group benefits:

  • Monthly full chakra healings performed through Facebook Live and recorded video.
  • Crystal Comparison videos. All new videos will be posted as the become available.
  • Mentoring for beginner and intermediate levels of crystal healing and energy work.
  • Full access to me and my knowledge of crystals and energy healing.
  • Assistance from me in getting you started on your healing path.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT CAN I EXPECT?: You will get to experience the chakra healing session as I do them in my Tribe group as well as personal 1-on-1 healing session. I will focus in on our group as a collective to intuitively choose which crystals we need at the time of the healing. I will tell you which ones I am working with. I always share any messages that come through as well. I believe in always sharing anything that I hear, see, or feel no matter how crazy it might sound. I never know who might need to hear it.

AFFIRMATIONS: When I do a healing in my Tribe group I always say out-loud my opening prayer, chakra healing affirmations, and closing prayer. You will NOT experience that in this session. I am holding that back for my paid Tribe group members. — UPDATE: I have created a 16-page PDF tutorial. It includes step-by-step how I do my distance Reiki chakra healing sessions and includes all of my prayers and affirmations. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

WILL YOU EXPLAIN WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN THE HEALING?: No I will not. Again, that is something that I do only for my paid Tribe members. This free healing gives you an excellent idea of what to expect, but I am still holding some of my goodies back for my monthly Tribe group healings. — UPDATE: I have created a 16-page PDF tutorial. It includes step-by-step how I do my distance Reiki chakra healing sessions and includes all of my prayers and affirmations. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Click here to download the Step-by-Step Distance Chakra Healing Tutorial

WILL YOU RESPOND TO COMMENTS DURING THE LIVE HEALING?: Most likely, no, but only because I will have this healing shared across multiple platforms and in multiple locations on Facebook. I will most likely not see any comments until I go back through the video after it is over. (I always do respond in real time during the healings in my Tribe group.) I will go back through all of the video locations, read the comments and respond when I can. That will likely happen on Saturday, November 21st.

WHAT IF I CAN’T MAKE IT TO THE EVENT?: That is ok! You will still be able to see it and experience the healing. The healing will be done on live video and recorded so that you can watch it on replay whenever is most convenient for you. I will send a link to the healing session video to the mailing list after it is complete. Just remember that you must watch it before it disappears on November 23rd.

DO I NEED TO DO ANYTHING DURING THE HEALING?: No you do not. You can relax or meditate if you wish, but you will want to mute the sound if that is the case. I will be speaking during the healing. All you have to do is be open to receiving the healing gift. You can hold with you any crystals that you would like. Also my intentions are to send healing for everyone’s highest good, so if you have healing intentions that you would like focused on then have those thoughts in your mind and allow my energy to help amplify your intentions.

DO I NEED TO BE IN A QUIET, ALONE PLACE DURING THE HEALING?: No you do not. I have had many clients be at work or even out shopping when they receive the healing. They don’t realize it until they feel a sudden sense of calming energy or they get home and fall asleep. (Results told to me have varied.) With that said, I will be passing along any messages that may come through. So needless to say, I won’t even be a quite place. lol For those who wish to relax and meditate for this healing, I suggest muting the audio so that I do not distract you. Otherwise, just relax and enjoy whatever comes through.

ARE THERE ANY CRYSTALS THAT I SHOULD USE DURING THE HEALING?: That is completely up to you. I always state that Clear Quartz is a great one to work with since its energy enhances the energies that are being sent to you. However, whichever crystal(s) that you choose to work with will be perfect for what you need energetically.

ARE THERE ANY CRYSTALS THAT I SHOULD AVOID DURING THE HEALING SESSION?: Some healers are in the mindset that having no crystals on you is the way to go. That is not my belief or experience. As long as you are open to receive the healing, any crystal that you have on you will help to amplify your own healing intentions. For example, if for the Root chakra you are drawn to work with Black Tourmaline but I choose Ruby for the collective group, then your Black Tourmaline will work for you and your needs in addition to the healing that I send through with the Ruby. They will compliment each other as your intention, as well as mine, is set to help you heal and bring you back into energetic balance. To answer your question in short, no there are not any crystals that would block the energy. They will simply enhance your personal healing intentions and combine with the energy that I send to you.

CAN I SCHEDULE A HEALING FOR MYSELF?: Yes! I gladly offer 1-on-1 personal healing sessions. Schedule your personal appointment for a mini healing, chakra check, or a full chakra healing just for you.

Schedule a Healing with Jen (Personal Sessions Available)

Enjoy the Chakra Healing Gift Video Below

I always remind my clients to drink plenty of water and ground themselves after an energy healing session like this one. If you feel sleepy, energized, emotional, great, or even a bit cruddy, that is all normal. (When feeling cruddy, I promise that it will pass within the next day or 2. It just means we stirred stuff up and it needs to be released with water and rest.) I truly appreciate all of you joining me in my first BIG live healing session. It was my honor to pass along the healing and messages to all of you.

Remember, this free healing gift will disappear on November 23rd. You can catch it on replay all weekend long here and on Facebook.

The full video is available exclusively in my paid group Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe. It will never retire in the Tribe. It is just 1 of 15 full chakra healing videos that are available with a brand new one done live every month in the Tribe group.

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