My Crystals Are Not Aligned with My Star Sign. Will They Still Be Useful?

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Fan Submitted Question: I recently decided to buy some crystals, I chose some based on the properties on the labels but none of the ones I bought are aligned with my star sign, is this an important factor with crystal work or are they still just as useful?

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Answer: First off, you have to remember that our birth charts are so much more than just our Sun sign. In fact, to get a better look at our personality you should look at the main 3 star signs: Sun sign is based on the month and day we are born and is our basic personality. The positive traits of your Sun sign are the ones you are learning to embody. The Moon sign is calculated by which moon was overhead when you were born. The moon spends about 2 1/2 days in each of the zodiac signs in a month. Your Moon sign is your inner self and your emotions. It is how you instinctively approach life and react to situations. Finally the Ascendant sign (also known as Rising sign) is based on which sign was rising over the Eastern horizon in the place and at the moment you were born. The Ascendant is the personality you show the world. When people get a first impression of you, is it generally this sign that they see. It is the mask you wear, so to speak. To figure your primary 3 birth signs you must know your birth date (day, month, year), the exact time you were born, and your birth location. The Astrolabe website has an excellent free astrology birth chart.

While working with crystals that complement and strengthen our birth signs is nice, it is not at all necessary, especially since our Sun sign makes up just a part of who we are. In other words, no it is not an important factor to choose crystals aligned with your sign. The absolute most important thing is that you choose crystals that you are drawn to. Use your intuition and choose the ones that call out to you. That will be the crystal that is right for you.

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