Is Selenite Helping to Access My Higher Self?

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Fan Submitted Question: Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I hold a selenite egg at night time, for peace and security and have the most bizarre but revelating dreams. Are these dreams accessing my higher self and sending through past life messages? Love and light x

Answer: Yes, Selenite will help with dreams and can enhance them. As far as if they are from a past life, that is something you to decipher. I cannot answer that with certainty. However, Selenite is one of the crystals than can assist with Past Life recall and it is a wonderful crystal to help you connect with your Higher Self as well as the angelic realm and spirit guides. I would recommend that you journal as soon as you wake up. Write down everything that you can remember. This way you can start collecting pieces of the puzzle to put together later and see the larger picture of what your dreams are trying to tell you.

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