Crystals for Manifesting with the Solar Eclipse

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What is on everyone’s mind this week? The upcoming solar eclipse, of course! Or at least that is the way it looks when I take a peek at any of my social media networks. I have plans to watch this incredible event with my family, but I’ll be honest, lately, I’ve had my head so focused on photography for my upcoming sales event that I hadn’t thought about the energies that the solar eclipse will bring our way. At least I hadn’t thought much about it until I had a couple of Facebook followers ask me what crystals to work with during the eclipse. I was working on winding down for the night with the thoughts of the eclipse energy on my mind when I hear my spirit guides tell me loud and clear that Monday needs to be a day of manifesting with the clearest of intentions. Now here I am at 12:30 AM typing this out to all of you so that my guides will let me go to sleep. lol

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Let’s first start with the quick basics. Monday is a New Moon, meaning the moon is void (dark) in the sky. New Moons are all about intentions and setting up what you want to manifest for the upcoming month. I always post that the New Moon is the day that you write your prosperity check to help bring in abundance and prosperity into your life. You can find out more about how this all works on my “Prosperity and Abundance Check” article.

Eclipses amplify the energy and shake things up. Basically, it amps up that manifesting New Moon energy. That sounds like a good thing, right? That is where the warning from my guides comes in. In addition to the powerful eclipse energy, we are also dealing with Mercury Retrograde. You can find out what crystals to work with in my “Crystals for Mercury Retrograde” article. Mercury in Retrograde energy is all about taking our time to do things, re-doing, re-thinking, re-evaluating, etc. What is said may be misunderstood or maybe you have problems getting your point across. It is all about communication. So how does that play in with the super-powered manifesting energy? That is where the statement “manifest with clear intentions” comes into play. What you think and say is heard by the Universe. That goes with any negativity as well as the gratitude. Those words are amplified right now. So think carefully about what you say. When you are working on what you wish to manifest for the upcoming month be careful about how it is worded, let it flow from the heart, and always say it with gratitude for all that you have and all that comes your way.

As for crystal recommendations for the solar eclipse, that truly depends upon your needs and how you are processing the current energies. I have seen a lot of people say how emotional they have been feeling lately, especially since the lunar eclipse on August 7th. Moonstone is an ideal crystal to work with to help balance the emotions, especially during this time. Another one to help with the emotions, especially if communication is an issue is Blue Lace Agate.

Labradorite is another one that I would highly recommend during the eclipse. It is a stone for manifesting and working with the New Moon energies. It is also quite protective for those who are having a hard time with the energy that is being experienced right now.

For manifesting, especially for prosperity, I suggest Citrine. It has a strong connection to money as well as the beautiful solar energy. Again, for those of you who have been dealing with emotional problems lately Citrine might just be the crystal to help pick you up. I personally have been drawn to Sunstone for the same reasons. Whichever resonates best with you is the one to grab!

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Finally, grounding is super important when we are dealing with chaotic energies. Choose your favorite grounding crystal. Remember, eclipse energy amplifies the energies, shakes things up, and brings about change. Chiastolite can help bring protection, grounding, and assist us with changes in our lives. Smoky Quartz will also assist us with this process and it brings the added benefit of emotional comfort while we ground and process the energetic changes that are being brought to the surface by the solar eclipse.

As always, the most important thing is for you to trust your intuition. If a crystal is being called out to be worked with, worn, or carried during the eclipse then listen to it! We might not always know the reason a crystal asks to be worked with at a given point in time, but our higher self-knows and will also work in alignment with what is in our highest good.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

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