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MY WEBSITE: Crystal GuidanceOver 450 crystal articles. (Convenient search bar and sitemap.)
SHOP: Etsy ShopCrystals and downloadable crystal and healing content.
HEALINGS: Reiki healing sessions with Jen
TEACHING: Mentoring with JenLooking to learn more or ask me questions? This is for you.
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• Facebook group Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe (Private subscription group.)
• Facebook group Crystal Knowledge (I’m an admin for this group.)
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It is so nice to meet you!

For those who do not know me yet, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jen Faeline Mergell, certified crystal healer and Reiki master. I have been lovingly sharing my passion and knowledge for crystal healing since 2012 with my Crystal Guidance website and popular my “Golden Crystal Tips” photos. I have been collecting crystals since I was a little girl, but started working with them for healing in 1998. I love connecting with others, from people brand new to crystals to lifelong crystal lovers. Please enjoy your stay at Crystal Guidance and I look forward to seeing you around the web and sharing more crystal articles, photos, and videos with you soon.