Crystal Guidance is undergoing major changes.


This past Summer my website was hacked for the second time in just under a year. Unfortunately this is mostly due to using WordPress, which has vulnerabilities. Since the end of June the website has been offline periodically while myself and my hosting company attempt to fix the situation.

In short, I have decided that after 10 years of running the Crystal Guidance website with over 450 articles that it was time to clean house and minimize the website. The vast majority of the articles will no longer be available on the website. Instead I plan to shift my focus more onto social media as well as moving my content over to my Patreon as both FREE and paid content. I will also be adding a lot of my content to my subscription Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe Facebook group and YouTube.

My Etsy shop, my Patreon account, and my distance healing services will be available as always.

I ask for your patience while I work on rebuilding the new Crystal Guidance. In the meantime you can always find me on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. And as always, you can reach me through email: CONTACT JEN

When will the site be back up?

I wished that I could answer this. Honestly, it took a lot out of me when I had to delete all that I had built. I simply have not had the drive to rebuild such a large website again. It will also require me to purchase a program to build the website since I will not be using WordPress again. What you see right now is a temporary fix with a program that does not fit my needs to create what I want to create for all of you.

What I can tell you is that I have been moving the most popular articles over to my Patreon account. They will be FREE just as they were on the Crystal Guidance website.

The benefit of Patreon is that I can share the links on Facebook without being flagged. When was compromised it was flagged as malicious by Facebook. I will never be able to use the link on Facebook ever again. Patreon is my alternative so I can keep sharing the articles on Facebook. It's taking some work to recreated them, but they are slowly being posted.

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Download Crystal Tip Photos
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