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Welcome to Crystal Guidance! I’m Jen, the owner and creator of this site. I am proud to share my passion for crystals and healing energies with you. On this site, you will find information related to crystals, gemstones, and stones. You will find that I use the term “crystal” interchangeably for these beautiful healing gifts our Mother Earth has provided for us.

In addition to sharing crystal tips, prescriptions, and other crystal information with you, I also have many items for sale. These items include crystals, with a growing list of available stones, my Crystal Guidance Oracle deck, crystal healing jewelry, and distance Reiki healing sessions. So grab your favorite crystals, relax, and enjoy your stay!

Celebrating 10 years of sharing the passion for crystals and energy healing from my heart to yours! ~ 3/30/22

Jen Faeline Mergell, CCH RM

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On the last day of every month you will find a brand new reading. Simply pick the card or cards that you are drawn to and see what message they hold for you for the upcoming month. You can even go back and review past readings dating back to January 2019.

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Crystal Tips and Prescriptions

Crystal Guidance is the proud to be the home of the “Golden Crystal Tips” since their creation in 2012. I originally created them for my followers on my Crystal Guidance Facebook page. I never dreamed that they would become among some of the most utilized and shared crystal tip photos. I am truly appreciative of everyone who has shared the crystal tips and for those of you who have told me how much they have helped you and your healing journey.

By popular request I am working on creating a booklet for these and expect to have a downloadable PDF available later in the 2021 year.

All 135 Crystal Tips & Prescription photos are already available for instant download.

Download all 135 of the Crystal Guidance Crystal Tips & Prescription photos.

Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe
Private Healing and Mentoring Subscription Group

October 15, 2019 is the day that I officially opened the cyber doors on my new healing and mentoring group on Facebook, Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe. As of the Spring of 2020, I am working on building a members area here on Crystal Guidance that will mirror the group. This includes the monthly full chakra healing videos and other exclusive members only content. You can learn more or officially join my Tribe group by clicking here.

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