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Which Crystals Should You Choose

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I have created many crystal tips and prescriptions to help you choose the crystals that will help you in your healing and life goals. For each crystal tip, I suggest several crystals so that you can choose the perfect one or perfect combination for you. Everyone’s energies are different and therefore everyone will resonate with crystals differently. Use your intuition and experiment with the crystals to see which are right for you. You can choose one crystal or more than one. You do not have to use all of them listed. I only give multiple choices so you can find the perfect fit for you.

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Start out by looking at the crystals in the photos. Which ones catch your attention? Start with that one and work with it for at least a week. You might try journaling to help you notice any changes. Be aware of even the smallest sensations. Often there is change, but it is subtle and can easily be missed if we’re not paying attention. Crystals work on a vibrational level and how quickly you will see a change will be determined by your energy. It will be different for everyone.

Are you drawn to work with a crystal that is not one of my suggested stones? Then do it! The right way is the one that works right for you. My lists are just a tool to help steer you in the right direction. From there you find what works best for you. Have you found a crystal that works great for you? Please feel free to comment on any of my crystal tip pages and let us all know what works for you. It might be something we haven’t thought to try yet.

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