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Crystal Guidance has been proudly building a strong website and presence in the crystal lovers, energy healers, and metaphysical community since March 2012. My Golden Crystal Tips are among the most popular and viral crystal prescriptions on the web.

Would you like to support the continued growth and expansion of Crystal Guidance? Would you like to expand your website’s exposure with a likeminded community? Then a page sponsorship is a perfect opportunity for you. All money raised goes towards the maintaining and expansion of the Crystal Guidance website.

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Crystal Guidance Following:

Crystal Guidance originally opened its cyber doors on March 30, 2012. After 7 wonderful years the Crystal Guidance website underwent a complete rebuild from a regular website to a WordPress blog, which premiered its re-grand opening on March 30, 2019. I will be adding website stats as soon as they start building with the new format. Previously I had Google Analytics on only 10 of the 400+ pages. For those 10 pages, Crystal Guidance had 6,218 sessions (visits) and 5,041 users (unique visits) to its site. The total number of page views is 8,086 pages. (Google Analytics, average monthly statistics from February 5, 2019 – March 6, 2019.)

• Current number of articles as of March 30, 2019: 402

The following social media stats are as of March 30, 2019.

• Facebook page Crystal Guidance: 29,723 followers
• Facebook page Stitches and Stones KC page (my shop’s official FB page): 1,946 followers
• Facebook group Crystal Guidance Updates: 3,327 members
Instagram: 2,610 followers
Pinterest: 17,490 followers
Tumblr: 4,096 followers
Twitter: 634 followers
YouTube: 587 followers

About the Sponsorship:

Your name or business name along with a link to your website (optional) will be featured in the upper right-hand corner of the blog post of your choice for one year. Your link will also be featured on my links page for as long as you are a sponsor. I do not accept link exchanges, so this is strictly to feature sponsors.

Sponsored crystal pages will be updated to include newly written metaphysical properties and more information about the crystal than is currently offered. (See Actinolite as an example.)

I currently offer 3 sponsorship tiers.
• $20 per year for crystal pages (which will be updated just for you) and crystal tip pages.
• $40 per year for blog articles.
• $75 per year for my most active blog posts (top featured blog article). These are shared every month on all of my social media accounts and are shared by many people and pages from there. This includes the following posts: Full Moon, Crystal Cleansing, and New Moon Prosperity Check.

These prices are subject to change at any time. Sponsors who have already paid are locked in at their price for the remainder of their year. At the end of a sponsor’s year, if the price has gone up, the sponsor will receive a discount off the new price for renewing their sponsorship.

If there are any pages that I missing or you want to check to see how much a certain page costs to sponsor then feel free to contact me. You can check to see what pages already have sponsors and which are available on my keyword sitemap page. Posts with an asterisk* already have a sponsor.

Your sponsor link will be added within 24 hours for all pages. Pages that will be updated with brand new information upon sponsorship, such as the crystal pages, will be updated as quickly as possible. Typically this will take about a week depending upon my workload at the given time. Your link will be added to the page prior to the updating of the crystal page.

BONUS: When a page becomes sponsored it will be shared as one of my daily posts on all of my social media networks to bring traffic to the newly sponsored page. Pages that are updated upon sponsorship will be shared after they have been updates to maximize incoming traffic.

Rules of Sponsorship:

Your sponsorship will begin once your payment for the year has been received. (Sign up below.)

When you send your payment please include which page(s) you would like your information to be featured on. Include your name or business name as you would like it shown and the link to your website. (Pages on my keyword sitemap that do not have an asterisk* are available.)

Sponsorship is paid annually. 2 weeks before your sponsorship is set to expire I will email you to see if you wish to renew. If the price of the sponsorship has gone up then you will be able to renew at a discounted rate off the new price.

If you wish to cancel your sponsorship at the end of the year or any non-paid sponsorships will result in your link being removed from your sponsored page(s) and the links page. I will offer a 7-day grace period for late payments, after which your link will be removed and the page will be available for a new sponsor.

If you no longer wish to sponsor pages you have paid to sponsor, your sponsorship can be revoked at any time, however, please be aware that no refunds can be given under any circumstances. Sponsorship payments are non-refundable once your website has been placed on Crystal Guidance.

Become a Sponsor:

I have set up a listing on my shop’s website, Stitches and Stones KC, to easily process payments and keep track of the orders. I use Shopify’s secure server to process credit and debit card payments. PayPal is available if you choose. Please note that it is not an instant payment if you choose PayPal. I will send you an invoice manually with the order details.

When you checkout remember to add your preferred page(s) as well as your name or business name plus link to your website in the “Special instructions for seller” area at checkout. As long as I have this information, your link will be added to my website generally within 24 hours. I will email you the confirmation as soon as it is live on the site.

Get your sponsorship started by using the cart feature below or visit the official listing on Stitches and Stones KC.

Love Donations:

Do you find the information on the Crystal Guidance website helpful? Have you used the crystal tips and prescriptions over the years? Perhaps you’ve even used them in your own business. If so, please either consider sponsoring a page or making a donation.

Donations help to fund even more research material, courses, and crystals that are in turn shared with all of you. A lot of time, energy, and resources go into creating the Crystal Guidance website and with your assistance we can continue to grow!

I deeply appreciate any love donations! Make a donation through my secure Shopify website, Stitches and Stones KC, or you can send a donation through PayPal.

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