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This listing is for 1 distance chakra balancing session. I work with crystals along with traditional Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Unicorn energy, color visualization, and positive affirmations to balance and align all of your chakras, removing any blockages. This is a powerful healing to align your energy centers to bring you emotional and physical healing. There are 2 options available in this listing. Please check out their differences below.

★ OPTION #1: Healing Only - 60 minute chakra healing session. — $30
This is just the healing session. With the healing I will email you the status of your chakras and the crystals that were used during your healing session.

★ OPTION #2: Healing plus Reading - 90 minute chakra healing session with energy reading. — $75
This session last longer than the basic chakra healing since I take my time to pick up on any subtle sensations and messages. This option does include the chakra energy reading. This write-up includes the colors of your chakras as I see them, any intuitive feelings (emotional or physical) that I pick up on, and any messages that come through from your spirit guides. The chakra reading will also include a photo of the crystals used in your session. If your spirit guide decides to show itself to me or offer me any info about it, I will gladly pass that along to you as well. You can see an example of an energy reading listed below.


How the Healing Works: I send the distance healing with the help my crystals. I scan your chakras to find any imbalances and work with Reiki and my crystals to bring your chakras back into alignment. My intent stays on sending this energetic gift to you to bring you into perfect balance. We can agree on a time and date for me to send the healing so you can relax during it or I can simply send it to you. Either way is very effective and you will receive the healing regardless of what you are doing while it is being sent. If you choose to have me send it whenever I am available then I will message you before and after the healing so that you know it has been sent.

After the Session: I will email you with the status of your chakras when I checked them (balanced, imbalanced, etc) as well as a list of the crystals I used for each chakra. If you choose to order the optional chakra reading (mentioned above) that will be sent to you generally within 2-3 business days.

What I need from you: Your name and a photo of you. The photo is optional but it helps me to connect more with you and it also helps me to visualize your chakras easier. I also need your first and last name. I write your name down on a piece of paper which is then placed under my Clear Quartz angel 'Archangel Raphael', which I ask to assist me in bringing this healing energy to you.

What you need to do: Nothing. :-) If you would like, you can sit back and relax or meditate, but this is not necessary. The healing will reach you no matter what you are doing.

What I do during the session: I do a LOT of things! It's not just crystals, Reiki, done. I start by grounding and centering myself into a meditative state. This raises my energies so that I can be a better energy channel for you. I then call upon our higher selves, spirit guides, and angels to assist us in the healing. At that point I start checking your chakras to see if I find any imbalances or blockages. From there I cleanse and balance each and every chakra (if you have the full balancing session) with the energy of crystals and Reiki — Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Unicorn energy. I also have positive affirmations that I wrote specifically for each chakra that I use during the cleansing process.

The reading/write-up: When your healing session is done I will email you and let you know what I picked up on. This will include telling you each chakra whether it was balanced, imbalanced, closed, or blocked. I will let you know if I was able to pick up any specific coloring of your chakras as well as anything I felt physically or emotionally. I will also pass along any messages that I may receive. It doesn't happen often but every now and then I get a few words that I'm supposed to relay to you from your spirit guides. I also will include a photo to show you all of the crystals that I used in your healing session. If I have suggestions for future treatments or things you can do to work on your chakras yourself then I will let you know at this time.

Payments: You can send your payment through PayPal to my husband's email: sjmergell@yahoo.com
Please do not send any emails to that email. I will not receive them. It is for PayPal payments only. — Let me know if you need for me to send you a payment request through PayPal or you would like for me to set up a discreet reserved listing on Etsy. I also gladly accept money orders, checks (from US only), or cash (USD). Please keep in mind that checks have a 10 business day waiting period while they clear.

Chakra "Reading" Example

The following gives you an idea of what to expect from the reading portion of the chakra balancing. I always felt it was necessary to let my clients know the state of their chakras, however I felt drawn to also let them know what other little things I picked up on as well. The chakra write-up below is from a client of mine that has graciously allowed me to share her healing with you.

After the photo below you will find my client's full review and feedback from her session.

NOTE: This is an older energy reading. Most readings now contain much more information including messages from your guides.

In general you are pretty well balanced! You asked how I check your chakras. When I do healings I often have your photo pulled up on my computer screen, which is near the chair I sit in when I do the healings. I write your name down on a piece of paper that stays under my Clear Quartz angel. When I start the session I ask that your higher self, spirit guides, and angels assist I the healing. From there I use my pendulum over each of the chakra cards you see in the photo to check if your chakras are in balance or not. Based on the swing of the pendulum it will give me the answers I need. For you I found…

ROOT: Balanced — Crystal: Red Jasper
When I work on cleansing and balancing the chakras I always have affirmations geared towards that chakra that I say out loud. In your case I was also guided to have you release any worry. Release any anxieties and breathe. Usually the anxiety and need to breathe I pick up in the Solar Plexus, but I felt it here in the Root for you. The Root chakra deals in security and feeling safe. So although you are balanced energy wise, you just receive this little reminder to breathe when you feel worried or stress and anxious. That helps a lot with calming the nerves. I picked up on a bright red color for your Root.

SACRAL: Imbalance  — Crystal: Rhodochrosite and Moonstone wand
This chakra imbalance will likely show up in your life as an emotional or mental more so than physical problems. When I was originally checking this chakra Rhodochrosite instantly came to my mind. This crystal does deal a lot with emotions and inner child work. Actually what popped into my mind was a mother/child bond. The crystal gave off a nurturing feel when I worked on it with you. This chakra took the longest to energetically cleanse. I also worked on it with my Moonstone wand to give it an extra emotional balancing. Moonstone is also perfect for anything related to the female reproductive area, which is why it is one of my favorites for balancing this chakra. When I envisioned this chakra it was an orange color with a hint of sparkles. I generally see sparkles with a chakra to let me know a person has an intuitive or psychic gift. The Sacral chakra is related to emotions, which would indicate being an empath or clairsentient (ability to feel).

SOLAR PLEXUS: Balanced — Crystal: Honey Calcite
When I was going through checking your chakras I was checking this one when I could really feel your nervousness about the session. It was much better by time I came back around to work on the chakra. I usually work with Citrine on this chakra, but I was drawn to the more gentle Honey Calcite for you. This chakra looked like a bright sunshine yellow to me with a good strong energy.

HEART: Imbalance — Crystal: Rose Quartz
This chakra imbalance will likely show up in your life as an emotional or mental more so than physical problems. Your Heart chakra is green although it was slightly on the duller side. It wasn’t as bright as your others. I worked with visualizing sending extra bright green energy your way when sending the Reiki energy to strengthen the energy here.

THROAT: Balanced — Crystal: Aquamarine
My throat felt just slightly sore when I was working on your chakra. I’m not sure if you’ve been sick lately or your throat has been bothering you. This is just something very minor I picked up on. It might also be an indication to remind you to speak up if you’ve been holding something back. You had good energy with a beautiful light blue color for your Throat chakra.

THIRD EYE: Balanced — Crystal: Fluorite
When I went to work on this chakra Fluorite instantly came to mind. I am often drawn to this crystal when someone has sinus problems or again, perhaps you’ve been dealing with not feeling well lately. Fluorite is a wonderful stone to enhance memory and mental focus as well. Your Third Eye was a beautiful Indigo color.

CROWN: Balanced — Crystal: Amethyst
This chakra balanced nicely for me. It showed up as a bright purple.

After I finished balancing your chakras I took a couple of minutes to focus on sending a little bit of healing to your back with the help of my Amethyst crystal skull. My primary focus for this healing was on your chakras, but I wanted to make sure to get a little in there for your back as well since you mentioned it needed some work.

Once I was done with the session I held my small Clear Quartz angel and use my Selenite wand over it to help seal in the energy. I then asked Archangel Raphael to bring this healing to you and to bring you back into perfect balance and perfect health.

I send a photo with every chakra balancing session to show the crystals I used for each chakra.


Feedback from Customer

Here is my Review in experiencing CHAKRA BALANCING DISTANCE HEALING SESSIONS. She is an amazing talented person. Such a beautiful & nice person just speaking with her. Helpful & informational when you are not sure or don't understand what you need to do or what she will be doing, simply just ask !!!

ROOT: Yes very true, I definately need to remember to breathe when feeling stressed & worried. I have felt this alot the last few months dealing with alot of people & the situations I have in my life.

SACRAL: Yes, I have been told I have a psychic gift/intuitive gift. I just need to start to learn to tune into it more with meditation & grounding etc. Which is slowly coming!

SOLAR PLEXUS: I was nervous definately. I wasnt sure what to expect. This was all new, and never have had it done before.

HEART: Last few months I have had alot of heart aches. So I'm not surprised my heart is a little dull in color as its been threw alot of up's and down's last few yrs, mostly last 4 mths.

THROAT: You are definately feeling my whiplash pain in my neck. I was in car accident and still have lots of whiplash muscle spasm pain. And yes ive been holding back speaking exactly how I feel with a few people in my life with different situations, so I definately can agree with that too.

THIRD EYE: You would be definately feeling the draining of me having migraine/headaches last 3 wks straight. Its been so bad, and I woke up this morning with actually NOT having one, since after the healing. YAYY!!

CROWN: happy it balanced good.

Thank you for the extra balance on my back. This year i have been suffering with a herniated disk in my lower back. It's on the verge of healing good & having that extra healing being sent to it is very grateful! You are an amazing blessed soul with a great talent of healing! You definately nailed alot of the "not good" things I'm dealing with in my life right now. I am very grateful I was able to experience CHAKRA BALANCING DISTANCE HEALING SESSIONS!

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Energy Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach. Results of energy healing will vary from person to person.

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